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Alumni and Testimonials

Our courses are designed by expert tutors to make sure they’re based on outcomes to support learners to achieve their legal qualifications but don’t take our word for it. Our Alumni share their success stories below.

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My time at Law Training Centre has been extremely positive. I didn’t realise how important the flexibility of this course would be to me, but it has made my time studying for the SQE2 so much easier. It means that I can attend workshops while I’m out and can even attend classes and keep on top of my studies when I’m travelling around for work.

Sunny Miah, SQE learner

The course at Law Training Centre and the study aids available were so innovative. It really helped someone like me who didn’t do well in exams when I was a kid to understand the content and be able to achieve a degree-equivalent qualification.

Katie Bennett, CLC learner

When I saw Law Training Centre’s scholarship was for an online course, I thought it was perfect. With the online course I was able to prioritise my workload and study during the time I had available alongside work and the school runs.

Rebecca Prince, SQE learner

I’d definitely say to someone thinking of a career in law that doing a qualification that offers online, flexible learning like the CILEX course is a great way to go because you can find out what you enjoy whilst doing your work experience and it’s also a lower cost than doing a degree or the LPC. Plus, you can have your life around it and you can have a job around it. You get to be more in control.

Mikayla Hamilton, CILEX learner

Having flexibility with my studies was essential for me because it took off the pressure of having set deadlines. The tutors are fantastic as they get back to you quickly, so you can get on with your studies. I found it beneficial to be able to pick up my course as and when I wanted.

Katie Ball, NALP learner

Studying CILEX with Law Training Centre has been great. I’ve personally come a long way from school leaver working in McDonald’s, dreaming about doing law but being very worried about huge student debt, to someone with one and a half years of practical experience under their belt and two years of study.

Robert Chawner, CILEX learner

I think I would only do online studying going forward in my life! It’s very convenient in the respect that you can still go to work, come home, and use your free time to do something that is beneficial for your future.

Yolandy Nderura, Short Course learner

Studying with Law Training Centre fitted around my life. I’m not sure I could have done it any other way. The online tutor and the support are fantastic. Being able to take exams in your own firm is amazing.

Sam Griggs, CLC learner

Law Training Centre helped me get on the course I needed very quickly and put everything in place for me so I could start with my studies as soon as possible. Affordable payment plans with Law Training Centre also helped me start my CILEx qualification. I wish I had spoken to Law Training Centre sooner!

Sophie Wallace, CILEX learner

I found Law Training Centre’s flexible study package essential. I had to find a study course that would fit around my life both at work and at home. I’m very family-orientated, and I didn’t want to sacrifice the time I had with them.

Liz Dack, CLC learner

I was very impressed with how clearly structured the Law Training Centre course and resources were. It was easy to navigate, as I always knew which learning outcomes each section related to, and I never experienced a single technical difficulty or issue with the learning platform. This was particularly important to me as I was studying from abroad.

Tanja Goetzfried, NALP learner

I found the two things that were most helpful to me about Law Training Centre’s course was the ability to do online mock exams and the tutor support. Between exams, I emailed my tutor a lot and always received a quick and cohesive reply. My tutor went above and beyond to help me.

Jack Coulton, CLC learner

When I returned to the UK I was temping for a few weeks and they asked me to stay and NALP certainly helped. It’s so competitive and having a NALP qualification can help you get your foot in the door.

Nykola Shroll-Lee, NALP learner


Cash is studying the SQE without a degree after completing his CLC Level 6 Diploma.
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Sian is studying the SQE with us whilst working and looking after her three children.
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Mikayla qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive with the support of her employer, Boys & Maughan.
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Coming from a background in equitation science, Katie fell into law unexpectedly.
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Yolandy studied our short course in business law through our South African partner, STADIO CLL.
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Roman is one of the first learners to pass one of our notary modules.
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Marta is studying the Notarial Academic Training Course to become a Scrivener Notary.
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Nykola has embarked on her journey to becoming a paralegal with our NALP Level 7 course.
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Sunny is studying the SQE2 after gaining an exemption from the SQE1.
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Albert has completed the SQE1 and is now studying for the SQE2.
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Rebecca is studying the SQE with the help of our Access To Law Scholarship.
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With guidance from Law Training Centre, Jack passed her CLC exam.
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Laura was voted Young Practitioner of The Year for the Todays Conveyancer Awards.
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Dubai-based Tanja completed her NALP Level 4 qualification.
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Tasha Peeters completed her CILEx Level 6 qualification.
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Ali completed the qualifications he needed to dual qualify in Conveyancing & Probate.
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Sophie knew she wanted to focus on a career in law, and did though Law Training Centre.
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Thomas was our first learner to sit an SQA/CLC remote, proctored exam.
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Liz Dack was recently voted Conveyancer of the Year at the ESTAS award.
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Claire is a prosecutor for the Metropolitan Police. LTC CILEx course opened those doors.
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Charlotte completed her LLB and then forged her unique path into a career in law.
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Here is why she loves working in property and why she took the CLC route.
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Stacie started working in a law firm when she was 20.
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Anthony completed the CILEx Level 3 and 6 Diplomas in Law and Practice in record time!
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Julieann has recently passed her Level 6 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice.
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Sam Griggs, 47, has been a legal secretary for over 20 years.


After Robert Chawner decided to pursue law, he picked the Legal Executive route.
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Katie is the first learner to complete one of our NALP qualifications.
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