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QWE Overview

What is QWE?

The Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) has been designed to be a flexible route to qualification. This is reflected in the requirements for Qualifying Work Experience (QWE).

  • Where: QWE does not need to be completed within a traditional law firm. It can include work from placements during a law degree, law clinic work, voluntary or charitable legal services, paralegal work, or work undertaken during a training contract.
  • When: QWE can be completed before, during or after the SQE assessments.
  • Length: QWE can be obtained at up to four organisations for different lengths of time, but must equate to at least 2 years full time. The qualifying period may take longer than two years to achieve, for example, if the experience is spread over a range of part-time and full-time roles.
  • Jurisdiction: QWE is not limited to work undertaken in England and Wales – it can be gained overseas and does not need to cover English and Welsh law.

Registering your QWE

Once you have completed your QWE it must be confirmed by a solicitor of England and Wales or a Compliance Officer for Legal Practice. They will confirm:

  • The length of work experience carried out.
  • That the placement provided the opportunity for the you to develop some or all of the competences outlined in the Statement of Solicitor Competence.
  • That no issues arose during the work experience that raise questions over your character and suitability to be admitted as a solicitor (any issues would be passed to the SRA for review).

The confirmation of your QWE can be based on your training diary, work portfolio or direct knowledge of your work from working with you or receiving feedback from your supervisor or the HR team at your organisation etc.

If you are unable to get your QWE confirmed, Law Training Centre’s partner, Access Law Clinic’s ‘Review and Confirm QWE’ service may be able to assist.  Contact [email protected] to set up a free no obligation initial call.

Gain QWE with Access Law Clinic

Access Law Clinic gives eligible Law Training Centre learners access to valuable pro bono work experience opportunities with practising solicitors which can be used as part of your SQE qualifying work experience.

To find out more about becoming a Law Clinic Associate please visit their website.

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