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Academic Team

Academic Team

At Law Training Centre we pride ourselves on our expert Academic Team.

Our Academic Team provide our learners with a unique educational experience, drawing on their own personal experiences from a mixture of academic and legal practitioner backgrounds.

By combining their legal expertise and practice experience together whilst providing mentoring/pastoral support, our tutors are able to prepare our learners for a successful journey to become qualified legal practitioners.

Legal Professionals

Academic Professionals

Qualification Managers

Academic Writing Tutors

Personal Academic Coaches

Legal Careers Advisors

E-Learning Specialists

Social Media Advisors

Our team will bring your learning to life. Study can be fun and relatable when you are given the coaching that best benefits you and your preferred style of learning. Our tutors and coaching team will discuss with you how you prefer to study. Do you prefer getting into your reading straight away? Do you benefit from a discussion that sets the background of what it is you are studying and why? Perhaps you are someone who really benefits from examples of how the law works?

Our team will share their vast experience with you, showing you that, even in everyday life, we can see how the law works in practice.

With such a highly experienced team, Law Training Centre understands how best to develop your style of learning to achieve your career ambitions.  Law Training Centre believes in everyone’s potential, and we want to see our learners maximise their achievements both academically and professionally.  With their extensive understanding of what makes learning a positive experience, they will take time to help you carefully map out your study so you can constructively balance your commitments.  This can make your studies a positive part of your day and week.

Law Training Centre’s team of experts have one objective: your success. We will partner you throughout all of your studies and, knowing that we are there to support and guide you and even to just take some time to discuss your progress or work life balance, we are certain that you will reach your true potential.

Our Academic Team includes:

  • Legal Professionals: Our team of Solicitors, Solicitor Advocates, Barristers, and Senior Property Lawyers of England and Wales together with international Attorneys incorporate their practice experience into their teaching, assisting learners in understanding the application of theory in practice.
  • Academic Professionals: Higher Education Lecturers with professional teaching qualifications and experience gained from University, College, and the legal and education industry.
  • Qualification Managers: With oversight of the wide range of legal qualifications available, our team of Qualification Managers bring a wealth of experience into developing the content and structure of the education and training provided. Additionally, our Qualification Managers are able to provide guidance to learners on their progression through their chosen legal qualification to support them in legal practice.
  • Academic writing tutors : Our team of academic writing tutors offer instructional information, guidance and support to assist learners in developing the skills required to complete assessments with confidence in their approach to format and structure.
  • Personal Academic Coaches: Our team of Personal Academic Coaches provide personal support to learners to help them to stay on track by not only providing academic support but also pastoral care, careers guidance, CV advice and support on how to balance studies and work life.
  • Legal careers advisors: Our team of legal training advisors and qualifying work experience specialists have a hands-on approach to ensure that learners are on the correct qualification pathway to meet their objectives and career goals. Our team assist learners with possible exemptions from qualifications to understand how they may streamline their learning journey and reduce the time it may take to qualify.
  • E-learning specialists: Our team of e-learning specialists work closely with the course designers, content developers, and the rest of the academic team to produce course content which is engaging, interactive and meets a range of learning styles. Our specialist team obtain inspiration from current technology and engage in research to ensure that learners benefit from the most up to date advancements in education and training.
  • Social media advisors: Social media is becoming an increasingly common place for networking between existing legal professionals and aspiring lawyers, and provides a great opportunity for legal discussion, current awareness and important updates. Our specialists in social media are able to support learners in harnessing the power of professional social media and highlighting their knowledge and skills to current and future employers.

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