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Licensed Probate Practitioner

What is a Licensed Probate Practitioner?

A Licensed Probate Practitioner specialises in the legal procedures and practices surrounding inheritance and the administration of wills and estates.

Probate is the process of dealing with the estate of someone who has died. When a person dies, their estate will either pass under the intestacy rules (to the next of kin) or in accordance with the terms of a valid Will. Probate, therefore, determines where everything that the deceased person owed goes, including money, property and other possessions.

A Licensed Probate Practitioner is qualified in the law of succession, trusts, relevant aspects of property law and the law relating to the inheritance and the administration of estates.

What services do Probate Practitioners provide?

When there is a valid Will

When there is no Will

Where does a Licensed Probate Practitioner work?

A Licensed Probate Practitioner works in the private client industry. Due to the nature of the work undertaken with the same regulatory body, they traditionally may work in a team alongside Licensed Conveyancers and alternatively or in addition will work with Solicitors dealing with private client work. Finally, a Licensed Probate Practitioner may be a sole practitioner and so work for themselves.

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) regulates Licensed Conveyancers (and Licensed Probate Practitioners), offering protection to consumers and a complaints service.

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