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Conveyancing Technicians

How to become a Conveyancing Technician

Conveyancing technicians are skilled in the complex area of property law, dealing with the law that applies to property purchases, property sales and other related matters. Becoming a conveyancing technician can be a great first step in starting your legal career. It’s available straight out of school and is accessible to those from all backgrounds. 

Find out more about how to become a conveyancing technician below… 

What do conveyancing technicians do?

As a conveyancing technician, you are responsible for managing your own appropriate caseloads and working closely with licensed conveyancers, solicitors and clients. Conveyancing technician caseloads are much smaller than those of authorised persons like licensed conveyancers, and are solely focused on residential property transactions.  

Conveyancing technicians are able to work in a range of firms and organisations – anywhere that deals with the transfer of a title to property or land with a legal department headed by a qualified person. You would work under the direct supervision of a licensed conveyancer, solicitor or other authorised person to support them in their fee-earning activities. 

Responsibilities in this role can vary, but often include administrative tasks like drafting contracts, preparing mortgage reports and preparing statements as well as liaising with clients, external organisations and others within the team. 

Learn more about becoming a technician

Interested in how to become a conveyancing technician and still want to know more? We hosted a webinar with the CLC’s very own Claire Richardson, Deputy Director of Authorisations and New Business, where we broke down the process of qualifying as a CLC legal technician, how you can gain practical work experience, and the importance of taking this first step towards a successful legal career. 

View a snippet of our webinar from our Qualifications Manager, Steven, below, or watch the full webinar here. 

How to become a conveyancing technician

Aspiring conveyancing technicians must undertake the Level 4 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice. 

To start your studies and become a conveyancing technician, no prior training or experience is needed. Learners can enrol on the Level 4 Diploma straight after finishing school or college and begin their journey to a fulfilling legal career. It is also a great opportunity for those looking to change career direction or enter the legal profession without prior legal education. 

On the Level 4 Diploma course aspiring conveyancing technicians will complete five units: English Legal System, Law of Contract, Land Law, Standard Conveyancing Transactions and Understanding Accounting Procedures for Conveyancing Transactions. However, if you have prior relevant qualifications you may be exempt from one or more units – find out more here. 

The total qualification time (TQT) for the Level 4 Diploma is 500 hours. Learners enrolling on the Law Training Centre Level 4 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice will receive access for 2 years (when purchasing all 5 units), allowing for flexibility in completing your studies around work and life commitments. 

To become a conveyancing technician, you will also need to complete 6 months of work experience. This work experience must be in relevant employment: in a conveyancing practice, legal firm or organisation offering conveyancing services to the public. 

Once you have completed both your Level 4 Diploma and your work experience you will be able to apply to become a conveyancing technician and be listed on the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) Technician Register. 

How to register as a conveyancing technician

So, you’ve completed your Level 4 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice and you’ve got 6 months of relevant work experience under your belt. What now? 

To register as a conveyancing technician, learners must request and submit an application form over on the CLC website. 

Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email with your certificate from the CLC. There are no associated costs with becoming a registered conveyancing technician. 

Why become a registered conveyancing technician?

Registration as a technician is voluntary after completing a Level 4 CLC Diploma, however, it is a great opportunity for your training and knowledge to be recognised by both the Council for Licensed Conveyancers and future employers. 

Holding technician status is a wonderful way to show that you have attained a national benchmarked level of occupational education and training and that you have achieved a set level of practical work experience that is relevant to your sector. As a result, current and future employers will be able to recognise your achievement and can support you through further training to become a licensed conveyancer, should you choose to go down that route. 

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