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CPQ Advanced (Law Graduate Entry)

CPQ Advanced (Law Graduate Entry)

The CPQ Advanced Stage (Law Graduate Entry) enables those who have completed an LLB Law Degree or GDL to join CILEX as a CILEX Paralegal and begin specialising immediately.  The programme has been designed to reflect the legal knowledge already acquired as part of the LLB or GDL and to allow focus on a chosen specialist area of practice.

Learners will complete up to three mandatory modules and one optional module in a chosen specialist area.  Learners must also complete two Ethics and Professional Responsibility modules and gain professional experience.

On completion of CPQ Advanced, learners will become a CILEX Advanced Paralegal and can progress to CPQ Professional stage.


Who is the course for?

CPQ Advanced (Law Graduate Entry) is only for learners who have an LLB Law Degree or GDL and seek to join the CPQ Framework as a CILEX Paralegal on their route to becoming a CILEX Lawyer. A CILEX Lawyer is a CILEX member who has completed all three qualification stages of the competence based CPQ, which includes compulsory Ethics and Professional Responsibility modules, and gained a minimum of 2300 hours relevant legal experience.

There are a number of exemptions that have been approved by CILEX which may mean that you are not required to complete one or more modules.  To apply for a module exemption, the application must be made when the qualification is being purchased.  For further information please speak to our enrolment team.

Course features

Our fully online course supplements the published core reading from CILEX, offering current, practice-based directions, outlines, and discussion on everyday subject-specific matters to add value to each learner’s journey.


On demand course materials

Live tutor support

Lexis+ UK

How long does the qualification take?

CILEX gives an indication of reasonable Total Qualification Time (TQT) which is the number of hours of study that you could reasonably be expected to undertake to achieve the learning and assessment outcomes. The TQT for the course is 520-640 hours (depending on whether the A1/A2 exemption applies).

The overall amount of time the course takes will vary from learner to learner however with 18 months course access you can study at your own pace.   You will also have the flexibility to decide on the exam sitting date that will be best for you, whilst also considering the registration window ahead of the assessments.

CILEX Membership and Registration

CILEX Membership: To enrol on to CPQ Advanced (Law graduate entry) you must first be a member of CILEX. Learners registering for the CPQ Advanced (Law graduate entry) will be required to register as a CILEX Paralegal member. This is separate to the requirement to enrol on our course and is not included in the course fee.

CILEX Registration: Once you have joined CILEX as a member you will be able to register for the CPQ Advanced (Law graduate entry) stage and pay a fee to CILEX.  CILEX will then provide access to your myCILEX account.   Included with the registration fee are the following features (as applicable to the stage):

  • Module e-books
  • Assessments
  • Ethics and professional responsibility e-learning modules
  • Professional experience portfolio


The table below outlines the format and structure of the CPQ Advanced assessments.

Automated exams include:

  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple choice, multiple response
  • Multiple choice, single best answer
  • Cloze drag and drop
  • Ordering
  • Highlighting
  • Matching

Assessments are offered by CILEX twice a year in January and June and you must make your assessment bookings directly with CILEX.

Course fees and enrolment

Please use the buttons below to view our course fees and enrol.

Law Training Centre accepts PayPal as a payment option. A link to PayPal will be provided on your invoice when you sign up for a course. PayPal is a secure card processor and allows you to use your debit or credit card to pay, you do not need to have a PayPal account to use this service.

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Price Match:

Law Training Centre will price match on selected courses. The price match will be based on a ‘like for like’ course from another provider. The ‘like for like’ determination is at the discretion of Law Training Centre.

The price match is available for new and existing learners with Law Training Centre to apply for when buying new courses. The price match must be applied for and agreed by Law Training Centre in advance of any course purchase.

If you would like to request a price match on one of our CPQ courses, please contact our friendly Student Services Team with evidence showing a similar course from another provider at a price which you would like Law Training Centre to match. A course purchased with a price match can be paid via instalments, however an admin fee may be applied for setting up an instalment plan.

A price match cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or scholarship.

For more information please contact our Student Services Team by email via [email protected] or by calling +44 (0)330 088 8495

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