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CILEX Professional Qualification Frequently Asked Questions

How is CPQ different from the legacy CILEX qualifications?

What exemptions are there for the CPQ?

Can I transition from a CILEX legacy pathway to CPQ?

Will somebody be able to qualify as a solicitor through CPQ?

What subject pathways are available with CPQ?

How many modules are there in CPQ in its entirety?

How long will it take to complete each CPQ stage?

How many assessments are there in the CILEX Professional Qualification?

How many assessment windows will there be annually?

What is a Chartered Legal Executive?

What is a CILEX Lawyer?

What is the difference between a CLE/Fellow and a CILEX Lawyer?

Are the new CILEX CPQ qualifications registered with Ofqual?

What do I do if I have started a CPQ course but want to move to another qualification, e.g. the SQE?

Course Fees

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