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MoR Management of Risk

Management of Risk

M_o_R® is a route map for risk management. It can help organizations identify, assess and control risks and put in place effective frameworks for making informed decisions.

The ability to manage risk effectively is one of the most important skills a modern lawyer can have. Being legally qualified is no longer by itself enough. Modern law is all about being at the top of your game in your business. Ensure your organisation and your staff are fully trained to confidently manage the multitude of risks with which any modern legal practice contends. Our courses in Management of Risk (MoR®) teaches strategic and practical approaches and how to implement effective MoR®.


M_o_R® Courses

Practitioner Certificate

Foundation Certificate

Practitioner re-registration examination

What are the benifits of MOR®?

  • Resources are used more effectively – so less waste
  • Fewer unexpected crises
  • Frees up management time
  • Strategic – puts the firm in a better place to compete with organisations offering alternative business models
  • Makes entrepreneurial activity and change more likely
  • More time being proactive and creative, less firefighting
  • A better service for clients – reassures all stakeholders and helps with the management of expectations
  • Diminishes the risk of fraud
  • Can reduce the cost of capital and insurance
  • Greater internal focus to ensure compliance occurs
  • Greater external focus to ensure risks from the outside are spotted and mitigated
  • Greater strategic focus so that risks which are also opportunities are spotted.

Who are our MOR® courses for?

Who are our MOR® courses for?

Our MoR® courses are suitable for any legal organisation or individuals who direct or share the responsibility for managing its risks:

  • Those who have a leadership, practice management or change management role
  • Dedicated risk managers – or those assigned such a role
  • Heads of departments
  • Lawyers with the seniority to create and maintain business initiatives and to drive standards
  • Any law student, lawyer or member of a firm (from support staff to managing partner) who wishes to acquire these additional, essential skills for legal business
  • Cross-functional teams within legal organisations


What is MoR®?

Will your courses allow me to understand and apply MoR® thinking?

At what age can I enrol on an LTC online course?

Can I study for more than one MoR course?

Can I study in my own time?

Are the course materials included?

Why study with LTC?

Assessment Methods

Foundation Certificate: Exam | 60 Questions – 60 Minutes – 50 Pass Mark

Sample questions:

  • “Which is the responsibility of a risk specialist?”
  • “Which describes a trigger for a review of risk practices when embedding MoR?”
  • “Which defines the inherent probability of a risk?”

Practitioner Certificate: Exam | 4 Questions – 180 Minutes – 50 Pass Mark

Students may make use of the following resources during examination: Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners, ABC Guide Part A Example Techniques guidance documents: Question Booklet, the Scenario Booklet, the Answer Booklet.

Sample questions:

  • Scenario one: students are given the background to a company, its organisational structure (in terms of personnel) and an organisation chart (in terms of its business activities). A risk assessment of the company has been conducted. You need to consider its response, taking into account the following objectives: safeguarding and improving the organisation’s brand and reputation; improve the delivery of client services.
  • Scenario two: matching the response to a risk assessment when considering underperformance at two competing businesses.

Practitioner’s Re-examination | 2 Questions – 90 Minutes – 50 Pass Mark

Re-examination is compulsory for all MoR practitioners within three to five years of their original certification. This examination also shows commitment to continuing professional development.

Students may make use of the following resources during examination: Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners, ABC Guide to sample risk documents and worked examples. Only the booklets on questions, scenarios and answers are permitted. Holders of the Foundation Certificate only are not required to re-register.


Foundation - £295

  • £295 (with 90 days access to complete the course)
  • Official MoR® Manual - £75
  • Official MoR Foundation Exam - £295
  • 6 Month's Access - £99
  • 1 Year's Access - £149

Practitioner - £395

  • £395 (with 90 days access to complete the course)
  • Official MoR® Manual - £75
  • Official MoR® Practitioner Exam - £345
  • 6 Month's Access - £99
  • 1 Year's Access - £149

Foundation & Practitioner - £595

  • £595 (with 90 days access to complete the course)
  • Official MoR® Manual - £75
  • Official MoR® Foundation Exam - £295
  • Official MoR® Practitioner Exam - £345
  • Official MoR® Exams - £595
  • 6 Month's Access - £99
  • 1 Year's Access - £149

What will I need before I get started?

To study your online course, you will need the following:

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

  • Computer / laptop / Google Chromebook / Apple MacBook
  • Keyboard and a mouse or another pointing device
  • Broadband connection with 10 Mbps average speed
  • An Ethernet cable for maintaining internet stability
  • Working microphone, either internal or external
  • Webcam with 320 x 240 VGA resolution, either internal or external

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Preferred Internet Browser: Google Chrome
  • Operating System: Windows 7+ / macOS 10.11+ / Chrome 58+
  • Free RAM: 2GB
  • Processor: 2GHz Intel Pentium / Intel / ARM
  • Free disk space: 1GB

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