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Supporting Your Employees

Supporting your employees’ legal training

We provide a single point of contact for your HR or L&D lead via our Legal Talent Development Team. Your cohort of learners will be assigned an individual tutor who will oversee their progress and keep you informed. They will also offer guidance on the most appropriate next steps for your employees’ development.  

Whilst we offer crucial support to our learners, Law Training Centre does recommend that employees are supported within their firm during their time learning with us. Consider having a go-to person, perhaps HR or your L&D lead, who can check in on the learner and make sure they are keeping up.  


Be flexible 

Whilst most law firms commit to a full course, you can purchase individual units at a time, as part of Law Training Centre’s fully flexible approach to learning. This gives you confidence that your employees can do the training in the time available, rather than a full course or diploma, to ensure your employee has the commitment and time available to complete each one.  


Protect study time 

Some law firms allow protected study time which can be a real incentive for your teams. However, the way Law Training Centre courses are delivered, there is no requirement for protected study time. Our courses are designed to fit around work commitments and unlike apprenticeships, a learner can complete the courses without any ‘leave’ from their employer.  


Set up a scholarship 

Have you considered setting up your own scholarship within the business? In partnership with Law Training Centre, you have the flexibility to establish scholarships that align with your talent development aims. You could also establish a scholarship within your own firm for employees who excel, or to recruit new future talent, be it law graduates or non-graduates aspiring to qualify through one of the non-graduate pathways we offer.  

Through our scholarships you will be able to give back to your community whilst inspiring the next generation of talent whilst tangibly demonstrating your corporate and social responsibility with greater impact, as well as enhancing your marketing and recruitments efforts.   

Law Training Centre can guide you through the process of setting up a scholarship for our courses.  

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