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CLC Frequently Asked Questions


About the Level 4 and Level 6 Diplomas:

When can I enrol, and can I start whenever I want?

At what age can I enrol on a Law Training Centre online course?

Do I need to have any prior qualifications?

If I have already gained some legal qualifications, am I eligible for any exemptions?

Who are the tutors?

How much tutor support can I expect to receive?

What additional support will be available for assessments?

What happens if I fail an assessment?

About your legal career:

What do CLC technicians do?

Where do CLC technicians work?

How do I register as a CLC legal technician?

What do licensed conveyancers do?

Where do licensed conveyancers work?

How do I qualify as a licensed conveyancer?

What do licensed probate practitioners do?

Where do licensed probate practitioners work?

How do I qualify as a licensed probate practitioner?

Can I be 'dual licensed' for both conveyancing and probate?

Can I use this qualification to become a solicitor?

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