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Open To All Scholarship

Open To All Scholarship

Law Training Centre is passionate about supporting those hoping to study law to enter the legal profession, no matter their background. To further support learners who may struggle to afford the high tuition fees associated with legal education, Law Training Centre is offering a scholarship opportunity through our Open To All Scholarship. 

We believe that anyone should be able to study law and evolve their legal career through education without unnecessary and invasive questioning. So, our Open To All Scholarship requires you to answer one simple question: 

Without this scholarship, would you be able to study this course? 

If your answer is no, then it is likely you will be eligible for an award of up to £1,200 towards the total cost of your course fees.

Our Open To All Scholarship is designed to be inclusive and help as many learners as possible, by reducing the cost of learning.

Even if you’re not sure if you would qualify, please get in touch and our team will be able to talk through the options available to you.

Please note: this is a partial scholarship and will not cover your full course fees, the remaining balance due can be see on our course fees page.


Scholarship details

The amount of funding provided by the scholarship to reduce your course fees will depend on which course is selected.

The highest amount of scholarship available is £1,200. Whatever amount of scholarship you are awarded will then be taken off the full cost of the course you wish to enrol on.

Courses covered by the scholarship include: 

To discuss specific scholarship amounts please speak to our Student Services Team, who can advise you on the possible outcomes of your application. 

Eligibility criteria

Our Open To All Scholarship aims to support as many learners as possible, so does not have invasive or unnecessary eligibility criteria. 

The scholarship is available for anyone who would not be able to study their chosen course without the financial support offered by the scholarship. 

Please note that the Open To All Scholarship is only available for learners who are paying their own fees and not those being sponsored by their employer. Law Training Centre will not request documentation upon your application, however may request this at a later date. Should any information be found to be inaccurate, all monies awarded through the Open To All Scholarship will be forfeit and must be repaid to Law Training Centre. 

How to apply

Law Training Centre offers our Open To All Scholarship to those that may require additional financial support in order to access our legal courses. To benefit from the scholarship, please complete the relevant section of the enrolment form when applying for your chosen course. Enrolment forms can be accessed via each of the course pages.

All applications must be received through the relevant enrolment form for your course. 

You will quickly be informed of a decision in relation to your application. If successful, your course fees will then be discounted when you enrol. 

Please note that discounts cannot be used in conjunction with our scholarships. 

How are scholarship applications assessed?

All applications are reviewed and considered by the Law Training Centre Scholarships Team to initially confirm eligibility. You will be informed of a decision quickly and, if successful, the discounted fees will be presented to you on your invoice.


Paying the remainder of your tuition

Candidates will be required to make an initial payment within 7 days of being offered the Open To All Scholarship in order to secure their grant. Failure to make such initial payment within 7 days could result in the scholarship offer being withdrawn. 

Candidates can select to pay the remaining balance for their course either in full, or via interest-free instalments (subject to an admin fee). Learners can also make use of professional qualifications loans through Lendwise. 


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