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Student Services Team

Student Services Team

At Law Training Centre we pride ourselves on our excellent learner support, under the umbrella of our experienced Student Services Team. Learners are at the very centre of everything that we do at Law Training Centre and our Student Services Team ensure that learners enjoy a comprehensively beneficial and enjoyable learning journey from enrolment, through their qualification and onto their next career steps. We look forward to celebrating your success with you.

Our Student Services Team provide the following areas of support to our learners:

Course advice

Enrolment support

Exemptions guidance

Reasonable adjustments

Exam registration

Financial services support

IT support

Pastoral care

Our Student Services Team support our learners to explore all possibilities available to them before making informed decisions on the correct learning pathway. We understand the demands of combining a busy life with professional training, and our team will help you throughout the academic and training journey you choose. The Student Services Team acknowledge every learner as an individual and that means that the care and support that we offer is tailored to your needs.

Get in contact with our Student Services Team on 0330 088 8495 or email [email protected].

Get support in all areas from our friendly Student Services Team...

  • Course advice: Our team offers personalised guidance on selecting courses, helping learners make informed decisions aligning with their academic and career goals.
  • Enrolment support: Our team assist learners throughout the enrolment process, answering queries, resolving issues and ensuring a smooth transition into their chosen courses.
  • Exemptions guidance: Our team offers advice on exemptions, where applicable, helping learners understand criteria and procedures for exemptions from certain courses or modules, streamlining their academic journey.
  • Reasonable adjustments: Our team works closely with learners to implement reasonable adjustments tailored to their specific needs, ensuring equal access and support for all individuals.
  • Exam registration: Our team provides step-by-step guidance on the exam registration process, equipping learners with essential information for their exams to ensure they are adequately prepared.
  • Financial services support: Our team provides guidance on available payment plans, scholarships and funding options, ensuring learners receive financial support with their studies by accessing resources tailored to their needs and circumstances.
  • IT support: Our team provides technical assistance, troubleshooting and resources to ensure learners have seamless access to our online learning platform and exams.
  • Pastoral care: Our team prioritises the well-being of learners by providing a nurturing, safe and supportive environment where they can seek advice, access resources for personal development and share any challenges they may encounter throughout their academic journey.

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