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Our Founders

Our Founders

Our founders Eve Dullabh and Dino Dullabh started the business from a joint passion to challenge the status-quo through innovation in the legal education sector. It is this drive and passion to break down the barriers to studying law, that makes sure that students are at the heart of every decision we make.

Eve Dullabh

Eve Dullabh

Co-founder and Director of Education

Eve Dullabh

Determined to bring down the arbitrary barriers in the legal sector, both for those wanting to build a career in law and those seeking access to justice, Eve sought to disrupt the industry from the ground up to make the law accessible for all.

Having worked throughout her studies and later as a dedicated mother of three, Eve has experienced first-hand the challenge of pursuing a career in law when balancing personal and professional commitments. Too often she witnessed talented peers unable to progress their careers due to the industry’s inflexible approach to training.

Motivated to disrupt the sector, Eve brought her vision to life when she founded Law Training Centre in 2015, together with her husband, Dino Dullabh. They shared a vision of a new generation of law school that was delivered fully online with self-paced tutor support and learner-led courses that could deliver flexibility, breadth and quality in a cost-effective way never done before.

As the Director of Education, Eve leads the law school and has successfully won, maintained and delivered its unique offering of globally recognised accreditations. As a believer in catering for a wide range of learner styles, Eve heads the drive to offer the greatest breadth and quality of learning to reflect Law Training Centre’s truly diverse learner base. This is a key element in Law Training Centre’s mission to eliminate the barriers to legal qualification, and offer the greatest choice.

Eve has worked tirelessly to make Law Training Centre an academic centre of excellence, renowned for helping its learners maximise their potential while supporting them to fulfil their other responsibilities in life. Notably, Law Training Centre became the first and only law school to offer all major routes to qualifying under one roof and online proctored exams for SQA and CLC students. It is also the only provider approved to deliver and assess the Notarial Academic Training Course.

Eve also co-founded Access Law Clinic, where she acts as Director of Legal Training, to provide free legal advice for those who could not otherwise afford it. The initiative also has the purpose of providing invaluable legal work experience for those unable to qualify as a lawyer through traditional means. The result is more people building a career in law who otherwise would be unable to, while giving people in need free legal advice on wills, employment, debt, personal injury and housing.

Prior to founding Law Training Centre and Access Law Clinic, Eve gained practical experience and unique insights through her career working as a specialist property lawyer in both the public and private sectors, as well as teaching law, business and English at the college and university level.

Eve completed her first degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Law and German at Rhodes University, South Africa, where she was awarded the Dean’s List Law Faculty Award for academic achievement and graduated in the top 15% of graduates. She followed that up with her Bachelor of Laws from the University of Kent and progressed on to the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the College of Law (now University of Law). Despite the courses being full time and offering only limited content online, Eve worked part time during her studies, including as a paralegal during her LPC –  attending court and running files.

Eve is fluent in Greek and German.

Dino Dullabh

Dino Dullabh

Co-founder and Director of Strategy

Dino Dullabh

Dino is motivated by his own experience of law school and a strong belief that the traditional route into a legal career was unduly challenging for many, especially for learners with difficult personal circumstances or lacking financial means. Together with Eve Dullabh, he sought to remove these barriers and effect change by creating a new learning environment that was accessible to all – Law Training Centre.

As Co-Founder and Director of Strategy, Dino has led Law Training Centre’s commercial development and growth to make it a pioneering law school with a model that is cost effective and commercially attractive for both employers and private learners. By tackling high costs with an efficient business model, Dino has brought to life the vision of truly flexible, democratised pathways to legal qualification.

Dino’s strong sense of justice was shaped growing up in South Africa during the birth of its modern democracy. Witnessing the life changing impact that the positive application of the law could have, he was inspired to study it, adding the subject to his Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

It was at law school that he met his now wife and Co-Founder, Eve Dullabh. After moving to the UK and seeing the arbitrary barriers Eve had to overcome to practise law, he knew there had to be a better way for people to qualify. He believed that by removing the structural barriers to entry, Law Training Centre could reshape the legal sector into the meritocracy it should be — where effort and talent determine success.

Relentlessly working on Law Training Centre’s strategic and operational development has seen him build a successful commercial model that has gained traction and is fast accelerating towards becoming a leading industry provider. Working in partnership with regulators and awarding bodies, he oversaw the implementation of the vision of a law school that is a true lifelong learning partner.

This strategy has seen Law Training Centre gain the impressive accolade of being the first and only law school to offer all major routes to qualifying under one roof. Other innovations include providing the first online proctored exams in the UK during the lockdown of April 2020 for regulated property and probate lawyers. He has also led the initiative to become the only provider approved to deliver and assess the Notarial Academic Training Course.

Leveraging his breadth of commercial acumen, Dino has helped Law Training Centre achieve an average annual growth rate of 30%, helping it to reach new learners and build their dream careers. His vision of a holistic partnership programme with law firms, along with a focus on high satisfaction and commercial benefits for employers, has led to Dino and the team helping over 600 firms develop and upskill their staff with Law Training Centre. He has also guided Law Training Centre’s expansion into international markets, negotiating partnerships in South America, Africa and India.

In 2022, Dino co-founded Access Law Clinic to provide access to justice for those who cannot afford traditional legal fees and to give qualifying work experience for those training as a lawyer through an alternative route. It provides students of law with pro bono work experience with practising solicitors, while simultaneously aiding those who would otherwise be unable to access legal advice.

As a devoted father to three children, Dino has first-hand experience balancing the competing demands of parenting and work. This underpins his understanding of the flexibility needed when qualifying for legal practise, so that building a legal career does not prevent people from having a rewarding family life.

Dino graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics, Information Systems and Law from Rhodes University, South Africa, where he was awarded the Dean’s List Law Faculty Award for academic achievements and graduated in the top 15% of graduates, whilst working part-time and self-funding his studies.

Prior to founding Law Training Centre and Access Law Clinic, Dino gained a breadth of experience consulting in international product distribution, applying his legal, commercial and information systems education. He has spearheaded national and international business growth, having done business in over 20 countries.

Dino is also fluent in Greek.

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