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13 February 2024

Legal Navigator Webinar: How to become a CLC Legal Technician conveyancing / probate

Did you miss our most recent webinar, Legal Careers: CLC Legal Technician Conveyancing/Probate?

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In the webinar, host Rebecca Ogunmayun got the opportunity to speak with Steven Murray, CLC Qualifications Manager at Law Training Centre, and Claire Richardson, Deputy Director of Authorisations and New Business at the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC).

Sharing their insight into the qualification route, our special guests were able to explain the process of qualifying as a CLC legal technician, how Practical Experience works, and the importance of taking this first step towards a successful legal career.

Plus, we’re offering an exclusive discount code for £25 off our CLC courses, which is only available to those that attended the webinar or sign up to view the webinar via the form below!

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