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Ali Shah

Ali Shah

Ali Shah completed the qualifications he needed to dual qualify in Conveyancing and Probate in record time. His background as an educator has given him an appreciation for flexible study to propel his career on a different path.

I am a lifelong learner and educator. I have an MBA and did a master’s in quality and performance management. I was involved with the legal sector from the start of my career. I used to run my own training and consultancy business, offering online and face-to-face training in quality assurance, compliance, and other regulatory areas. We were an approved learning provider for the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) and Continual Professional Development (CPD) provider for the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA),.

Alongside the training services, we also offered quality and compliance-related consultancy services for local businesses. I have always believed in the importance of personal industry experience to offer any training and/or consultancy service. In order to have better insight into the legal sector I also worked in a local firm in their conveyancing and compliance departments, this provided me with a great understanding of their systems and processes.

A few things shifted our niche training centre. The SRA lifted the CPD requirements for Solicitors and the Chartered Quality Institute phased out the qualifications we were offering, which led me to the look for inspiration for a new career. This time, I wanted something challenging, but something that would mean I can spend more time with my family & friends and allow me to pursue other interests. However, I did not want to opt for something entirely new and start from scratch. During my business career, I came across a variety of industries and sectors, however, the legal sector always appealed to me and I was always inclined towards Property and Commercial Law. As I had a good network within law firms, I had the opportunity to take their guidance and make an informed decision about my career move.

I researched various options to qualify as a lawyer in the UK. I considered the route to becoming a Solicitor, but at the time, it would have required me to study for a law degree, Legal Practice Course, and a Training Contract. This seemed inefficient compared to the Council for Licensed Conveyancers route. particularly as I was only interested in Property Law. In addition, CLC courses offered the flexibility of distance learning which allowed me to gain practical experience as a trainee alongside my studies.

When it came to choosing the course provider, flexibility was my top priority. I found Law Training Centre (LTC) to be one of the only providers on the CLC’s providers list, who offered maximum flexibility in terms of studying, completing the units and taking the assessments. My course advisor at Law Training Centre recommended that I take one unit at a time, which was great advice. It is easy to get units confused within the course if you are trying to study them at the same time. I used the manual the most, as well as the flashcards. My method of study focused mostly on going through the unit manual in detail, making notes and referring to online resources.

I also downloaded a lot of the resources on my phone which was very useful for me. I was able to access everything on the go, anywhere. I would study at home and at work, and I set myself the goal of completing one unit every month.

I found it helpful to familiarise myself with the online eLearning portal at the outset. When I needed any help, I preferred to call. The Law Training Centre team were always very friendly and helpful. Without the flexibility offered by Law Training Centre, I would probably have pursued another career.

During my time as a trainee at the law firm, I had a chance to work on some probate matters, which felt more fulfilling and rewarding. I mentioned this during a conversation with my course advisor at Law Training Centre, who provided me with further guidance and information regarding the Probate Qualification and route I could take to apply for the Probate Qualification. I wasted no time and, soon after completing my Conveyancing qualification, I enrolled on the Probate Course.

It turns out, I prefer Probate work over Conveyancing work! I gained my Conveyancing License in 2018 and this year I gained my Probate License. Being dual-qualified has made me more attractive to employers. I have been offered a number of management positions, but at this point, I would like to continue to gain experience and focus on the things that matter to me.

The qualifications I achieved through Law Training Centre helped me gain the relevant knowledge and competence – and they say competence leads to confidence. I enjoyed studying with Law Training Centre; I enjoyed it so much, I picked up extra courses with them. Then I recommended Law Training Centre to my colleague and now he is studying with them too.

My advice for new learners or those thinking about studying law is the following.
First, do not linger on your course, try to get it done and finish it as soon as you can.

Second, if you are studying, try to gain experience alongside your studies. It is tough, but you need to do it. The qualification is perfect for studying part-time alongside working.

Third, study one unit at a time. I was given this advice and it was very useful to me because the units are very different and unique. It is easy to get confused. I used to recommend the same thing to my students.

I enjoy the work I am doing right now. Law Training Centre helped me achieve the objectives I set for myself, for which I am extremely grateful to their entire team.

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