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Liz Dack

Liz Dack

Liz Dack was recently voted Conveyancer of the Year at the ESTAS award. As one of the top Conveyancers in the country, she tells us her story.

I enjoy conveyancing because it can feel like helping people buy a Christmas present. I like the client contact and I’m not dealing with clients where something upsetting is going on. In Conveyancing, you are helping people get their first home or settle somewhere new or helping them retire.



I moved to London at 18 and got a job as a Legal Secretary in a conveyancing firm. Over the years I moved around different areas in law, like Family and Company law, before I settled back into conveyancing when I relocated to Kent.
During the recession 12 years ago I was, amongst many others, made redundant from the firm I worked in and thought it would be a perfect time to do something different. I took a position as a teaching assistant working with disabled children, work that I loved. I did that for two years before I decided to jump back into conveyancing when the opportunity arose.

Back to [online] school

When it came to pick a course for study, it was always going to be Conveyancing via the CLC. I didn’t need to learn anything outside of that as it’s my specialisation and it shaved a few years off total study time, which was a bonus.
I hadn’t stepped foot inside a school to study in over 35 years and have never been academically minded so I was terrified at first. When I received the CLC course folder and started my first assignment, I thought, “I can’t do this!” My wonderful friends and family spurred me on and encouraged me so much. I also wanted to prove to my daughter that it’s possible to obtain qualifications at any age.


Law Training Centre’s flexible study from start to finish

I found the Law Training Centre’s flexible study package essential. I had to find a study course that would fit around my life both at work and at home. I’m very family-orientated, and I didn’t want to sacrifice the time I had with them. I set myself a goal of five hours every week, whenever or wherever those hours might be, and felt it was a goal I could see through. It worked for me. On a Sunday, in bed, I’d read another chapter of my manual instead of a book. I remember being at the beach with lots of other mums and kids and being the only one with an Accounts book out, studying.

Being able to take exams in the Canterbury offices was ideal and my tutors were an email away and always so encouraging and quick to reply to any queries. My firm supported me through my studies. They paid for my course and they gave me extra time to study and take my exams.

I found the course comprehensive and easy to follow. The revision flashcards were fantastic and really helped me concentrate on the areas needed for the exams. It can be intimidating being faced with the amount you don’t know…and need to. However, the LTC webinars and notes really help you focus on each area one step at a time. I found it invaluable.

When you learn on the job you know the mechanics and ‘the what’ and ‘the how’ of the way things work. But looking back at the history of our Laws and why we have Common Laws and the basis of the Law of Equity, Easements and Covenants is something you don’t get to consider so much on an everyday basis. Learning that gave me so much confidence and I felt that confidence when I talked to clients about the process they were going through and why things need to be carried out in such a way.


There’s always a plan B

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, and I want my daughter and others to know that, though you may not go into further education or university directly out of school, there’s no glass ceiling, you can achieve what you want to. There’s always a plan B too. If something isn’t right, try another door.

For those deciding what they want to do, look up the areas you want to study and gather as much information on them as you can. Where do you see yourself in two years’ time? You don’t have to decide anything too long term, just investigate your options and those plans B and C. What’s possible for you? Things are flexible now; nothing is set in stone. And don’t put yourself down. Instead of saying, “I don’t know,” to a question say, “I’m not sure but I’ll double check.” You’ll be surprised at how much sinks in without you realising. Five years down the line I recently won a nationwide People’s Conveyancer of the Year Award. Who would have thought that all those years ago?

We have recently been informed that Liz Dack was offered Partner at her firm – congratulations Liz!


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