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Sunny Miah

Sunny Miah

After studying an undergraduate law degree (LLB) and completing the Legal Practice Course (LPC), Sunny delved into a legal career and never looked back. Having worked as a Paralegal for almost three years, he is now studying for the SQE2 with Law Training Centre.


A passion for law from a young age

My interest in law first began at 16, when I decided to study A-level Law. From there, I went on to study an LLB with Business at University, where I really found my passion for law.

Initially, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study, but law looked like a great option. I always considered myself to be very academic and my strengths were analysis and critical thinking. Plenty of people around me had advised me to go into law, and as I wanted to do something that was concrete, purposeful and had lots of options, studying law at university felt like a natural progression – and it ended up becoming a huge part of my life.

After completing my LLB with a 2:1, I decided to study the Legal Practice Course (LPC).

From Paralegal to future Solicitor

Once I had completed the LPC, I ended up working as a Paralegal for almost three years on and off. I spent two years in a Family Law department, and I am now working part-time as a Trainee Solicitor covering Family, Wills and Probate.

Working as a Paralegal was a great opportunity for me to put the knowledge I had gained from my LLB course and the LPC into practice. It put me into the real world of law: dealing with clients, drafting witness statements, making divorce applications and liaising with court and Counsel. It also allowed me to gain insight into what it’s truly like working in the legal field and the day-to-day tasks of a Solicitor.

During my time as a Paralegal, the role also enhanced my client confidentiality skills and helped me to better understand the other ethical rules that a solicitor must follow. It highlighted my passion for law and my determination to enhance my legal career further by studying to become a Solicitor, leading me to the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) Prep Course with Law Training Centre.


Studying for the SQE2 with Law Training Centre

I decided to study for the SQE as it seemed to be the quickest route for me to fully qualify as a Solicitor, which can be handy for those that can’t get training contracts. I was already close to getting my 2 years of Qualifying Work Experience (QWE), so it seemed like the logical route to go down.

As I had already completed the LPC, I was exempt from SQE1. So, when I found out about Law Training Centre’s range of SQE2 Prep courses and their Access To Law Scholarship, I decided to study the SQE2 Full Prep Course with them.

My time at Law Training Centre has been extremely positive. I didn’t realise how important the flexibility of this course would be to me, but it has made my time studying for the SQE2 so much easier. It means that I can attend workshops while I’m out and can even attend classes and keep on top of my studies when I’m travelling around for work.

The best thing about Law Training Centre is the level of support available to students. All of my tutors and peers have been incredibly helpful and supportive, and the lecturers are always happy to help and offer advice.

Recently, I even won the SQE Student of the Month award, which shows how supportive they are of their students both inside and outside of the classroom. Everyone is going to be nervous about exams and taking the next step in their legal career, so it’s important to get the help and support you need, and this is something which Law Training Centre has been able to provide.


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