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Cash Bishop – studying for the SQE after completing the CLC Level 6 Diploma

Ever wondered whether it’s possible to qualify as a solicitor without a degree? Cash Bishop, now a qualified licensed conveyancer, has been studying with us since 2021. Having started his legal career working alongside his father in his family’s property consultancy business, he soon realised this was the profession for him and decided to take the next step and get his conveyancing licence.

Whilst looking on the Council for Licensed Conveyancers’ website for a training provider, he came across Law Training Centre and decided we were the right fit for him. He went on to then study both our CLC Level 4 and Level 6 Diplomas in Conveyancing Law and Practice, completed his Level 6 course in 2023, and qualified as a licensed conveyancer.

Speaking about his experience on the course, he said: “all the tutors had real practical knowledge of how these things are used in the workplace and not just how to pass an exam, and that has made me and my career go even further.” He continued, “I have the knowledge from the textbooks, but I also have that practical approach and knowledge from their experience in the conveyancing world.”

After qualifying as a licensed conveyancer and moving to William Sturges LLP in Westminster, Cash decided to go one step further and take on the SQE with the support of his employer and Law Training Centre. Having never been to university, he attributes his ability to take on this opportunity to qualify as a solicitor without a degree to his CLC qualifications.

Because I never went to university, I didn’t have the qualification to get onto the [SQE] course without having my Level 6 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice. It’s the only thing which has allowed me to get onto the SQE and then go on to try and qualify as a solicitor.

Cash Bishop, CLC alumni and SQE learner

He highlighted that his CLC qualifications also went further than just ticking off the entry requirement for the SQE, and in fact continue to support him through his SQE training and career: “I use my conveyancing law and practice day in, day out when I’m looking through completion statements, financial statements.

“Louise McGhee, one of the tutors at Law Training Centre, was really helpful in the exam and I still remember the bits of advice she gave me today…it’s always in the back of my mind.”

Whilst continuing his work as a licensed conveyancer, Cash has been able to start his SQE studies without a degree and is now preparing for his exams. Discussing his next steps, he said: “I do wish to qualify as a solicitor, and then hopefully I will hone my knowledge of my craft and build a large and diverse client base.”

We wish Cash the best of luck with his SQE1 preparation and exams and look forward to continuing to celebrate his career milestones with him!

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