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Thomas Waumsley

Thomas Waumsley

Thomas Waumsley graduated from university with a Sports Science degree. But he soon realised his career path would look very different. Thomas was the first learner to sit an SQA/CLC remote, proctored exam with Law Training Centre, the first provider to make online exams for the SQA/CLC courses available.

I work with new builds, which is a fast-paced area of residential conveyancing. Studying the SQA/CLC course that Law Training Centre offers has helped me in my job. For example, when I’m raising queries, I can be more specific. When I look at accounts’ ledgers, I understand why certain things like VAT are applied to the firm and some charges are applied to the client.

I’m 27, and I’ll be qualified in two years. I’ve been interested in Conveyancing since I bought my first property with my wife when I was 23. I graduated with a sports science degree, but my first job after graduating was moving furniture.

I’ve always worked hard and that helped when I landed my first job in Conveyancing. I was looking for work in estate agencies, but when someone I knew mentioned their firm was recruiting, I applied. Even though I didn’t have any experience in Conveyancing, they wanted someone who would work hard. That’s how I started as a Conveyancing Assistant.

I found out about the CLC (Council for Licensed Conveyancers) route through work. They’re regulated by the CLC. When I started working at the firm I’m at now, I told them my goals to become a qualified property lawyer and they sponsored my Law Training Centre SQA/CLC course.

I’ve been a fee earner for three years already, and even with experience, if you don’t know why something is legal, you aren’t as well equipped to deal with complications that might come up.

When it comes to studying, I did about five hours per week. My wife really cheered me on and encouraged me to take breaks when I needed it. Law Training Centre tutors were always quick to get back to me when I sent them questions, like if I didn’t understand the way something was worded. When working towards assessments, I found Law Training Centre materials like the quizzes incredibly helpful and when revising for my exam, the PowerPoint slide shows provided by Law Training Centre was extremely useful.

When preparing for assessments. I didn’t increase my study time, but I did study more frequently, in shorter bursts.
I’m the first person to take an SQA/CLC remote proctored exam with Law Training Centre. I found the instructions easy to follow and I was able to do it in my workday, without interrupting my day-to-day workflow too much. As a fee earner, it doesn’t really benefit me to take out a whole day for exams. My firm, who are great with these things, would have allowed me the time out. But it didn’t suit me. Also, my wife was expecting our first child and I needed to get on with completing my Level 4 before our baby came along.

If you’re a CLC learner, I would recommend studying with Law Training Centre because the remote online option for exams they offer saves you time and money, it’s easy to follow and removes stress.

If you’re looking to be a property lawyer, definitely go with the CLC route. It’s flexible, you can do it in four years, so you don’t need to pressure yourself to finish it.

Congratulations Thomas Waumsley on the birth of your new child!

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