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Charlotte Farrant

Charlotte Farrant

Charlotte completed her LLB and then forged her unique path into a career in law. Here’s how she reached her goals.

I got into law by accident! When I was choosing A-Levels, I wanted to do journalism, but I ended up having to pick law because my school didn’t offer the right A-Levels. When I found out I liked Law, I stuck to it and studied for my LLB. I signed up for the next stage, the LPC. But signing up for the LPC worried me. An LPC is a huge financial risk. I had friends whose parents could finance theirs but that wasn’t the case for me. I had three training contract interviews that didn’t end up anywhere. While working, a fee earner from a local high-street firm told me about the CILEx route. It was a complete accident. While I was studying at university, I wasn’t told about the other routes to law.


Studying CILEx with Law Training Centre

I studied for CILEx Graduate Fast Track Diploma in a year while working full time. My firm offered to fund the course for me. Even though the Graduate Fast Track Diploma was intense, I passed my assessments first time with distinction. My tutor was always available by email. When exam periods happened, I’d study 2-3 hours an evening and I tried to have breaks at the weekend or Sunday evening. My study had to fit around my work.

My LLB taught me the theory of Law but CILEx taught me the practice of it. It was different from an LPC in that it was more streamlined.

If I’d not done CILEx, I would have taken the LPC instead, I wouldn’t have had a choice. I would have put myself in more debt because I was not willing to give up on my law career. But with CILEx, I was able to take a debt-free route. The CILEx journey has had challenges, the portfolio was daunting, and I gained work experience through several different firms. Some roles didn’t get me qualifying experience. I qualified in March 2019. My title at Direction Law is Chartered Legal Executive in Residential Conveyancing. I’ve been in my current role since January 2018 at the deep end and fee earning.


Pushing past rejection

Getting rejected for training contracts, having entry-level jobs, it was a tough few years after graduation and very disheartening. But it takes a while to get where you want to be.

I wouldn’t have gotten my current job without my CILEx qualification and my LTC course. The tutors were exceptionally helpful and supportive both during and even after completion of the course. I went from having two case files under my belt to now in excess of a hundred. If you want it bad enough you will get where you want to go, so be dedicated. Explore your options. CILEx gave me the opportunity to be where I want to be now.


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