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Stanislav Yakimov – becoming a solicitor flexibly with the SQE

Stan moved to the UK from Bulgaria when he was 12 years old, with his parents deciding to make the move to try and find a better life for him and the family. Once in the UK, he progressed through education, from school to university, and realised that he would like to pursue a career in law. However, after being rejected to study law at university, he began to think that maybe he wasn’t cut out for the profession.

After finding out about Law Training Centre, he reached out to the team to discuss his options. He was interested in the SQE route to qualify as a solicitor, but didn’t have the Level 6 qualification needed to complete the academic requirement. That’s when he found out about the CLC pathway.

“The reason I decided to take on the SQE route as well as the CLC Level 4 and Level 6 Probate Practitioner route, as opposed to the traditional law degree route, was because [a law degree] would involve a higher student loan. What I like about this particular route is that it is flexible, so I can make that work around my job and my everyday life, and it also offers a wider insight into the area of law.”

Stan was keen to highlight the importance of cost and flexibility in his decision: “The advantage of aiming to qualify in this way is that it is flexible, and I can balance it with my nine-to-five job. And another big advantage is the fact that at the end of it, I won’t have an even bigger student loan. This is a much cheaper option and it is a lot more flexible.”

When asked about the course, Stan explained why he was so pleased with the platform and materials available, as well as the importance of tutor support. “Since enrolling onto the SQE1 course, I was introduced to my tutor who is a qualified solicitor. All the training is done online on their virtual platform, Moodle. It is very easy to use and very easy to navigate. Everything is broken down into sections.”

“There are videos, lectures, for every area of law, and they’re broken down even more by topics to help you understand and interpret it a lot easier. I also have regular meeting with my tutor who is supportive of my time management, and she helps me out with any questions that I have.”

When asked about his experience with studying online, Stan said: “learning online is very different than learning in person, so there has to be an aspect of self-motivation. However, once you start, and once you see how Law Training Centre has broken down the lectures and the topics, it’s a lot easier to understand and it actually motivates you to keep on watching and keep on going.”

Stan Yakimov pursue a career in law

Flexible learning at Law Training Centre has been absolutely amazing. It has allowed me to still pursue my target career as a solicitor whilst being employed full time, and it is just so easy to do.

Stan Yakimov, CLC and SQE learner

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