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Stacie Pettman

Stacie Pettman

Stacie started working in a law firm when she was 20. Her brother is a solicitor in London and had inspired her to pursue a career in law. After six years gaining legal experience and raising her young daughter, she started studying so she could do something for her – here’s how she did it.


Pushing past study nerves

There were a few hurdles when I first started studying. I was very nervous as I hadn’t studied for some time. I was looking after my daughter on my own, so I had little spare time and I was scared of failure. As soon as I started studying the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice, though, I realised I should’ve started a lot sooner!

I’ve found my Law Training Centre tutor very supportive and the online resources are very clear. I like to print everything out and have it in a file for each unit. My walls at home are always covered in revision notes! I can choose which units I want to study, in any order. For example, I started Legal Research and then put it on the back burner for a year to prioritise other units. That flexibility is critical when you’re working, have a child and life throws obstacles at you along the way. If I didn’t have the option of flexible study, I would not have been able to pursue a qualification. I do not have the pressure of deadlines that you get from full-time university courses.

If I hadn’t started studying CILEx, my professional progression would be stuck. My firm has been really supportive and now I’m excited to see what the future holds.

From Solicitor to Paralegal, we are all always learning

During my Legal Research units, I realised that all lawyers and solicitors are continuously learning. At times when I lack confidence, I remind myself that even the most experienced and successful lawyers don’t know everything, all of the time!

I wish I had started the course earlier. Every time I get an exam pass result, it’s a boost to my confidence. I have now completed the first stage of training and that’s another boost. I’d recommend this route, especially if you have to work and raise a child or you just need some flexibility in your study. I wanted to have control over my qualification and LTC helped me do that.


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