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Jayne Elston

Jayne Elston

Jayne has worked in property since she left college. Here is why she loves working in property and why she took the CLC route.


Getting the most out of online learning

I work in a firm in a rural area. If my course hadn’t been distance learning, I probably wouldn’t have been able to study.

I’ve always worked in conveyancing, straight after leaving college. I like working in property because nine times out of ten, you’re giving the customer an outcome they like. When I started thinking about studying, my husband said, “you work in it, you may as well be qualified.”

I decided to go the CLC Licensed Conveyancer route because their focus is property. I could study what I needed to; the Legal Executive route requires a breadth of legal subjects that are not relevant in property law.

I work in a family firm who have been very supportive. They’re paying for my studies. I have two children at home, and I study as soon as their head hits the pillow. I spend a couple of hours a night with my course. The LTC website has been easy to use. The flashcards are brilliant and made life easier, the new webinars are great. What you have on the eLearning-area, is what I need. The course manuals are also big. I remember when I studied contract law, something clicked. The sentences I’d say as a matter of course in my work suddenly made sense.

Taking control of my exams

Taking exams at the office is brilliant. Previously, I took exams in London, which was nerve wracking. Being able to take them at work is just much easier. You’re in control and it’s more convenient than juggling two dates a year.
To anyone thinking about studying CLC, you’ll find the time if you want it enough and I’d say try it. Have some faith in yourself!


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