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Anthony Roy

Anthony Roy

When Anthony Roy decided to leave his university course and pursue an apprenticeship, he had no idea he would complete the CILEx Level 3 and 6 Diplomas in Law and Practice in record time! Here is his story.

Directly from 6th form education, I attended university to study journalism. I liked the course content and felt it would further my education/improve my current skill set. I was able to learn from the experience but my interests took me in a new direction when I found a vacancy at Furley Page. I researched the firm and the area of law in more detail and felt my skills were a suitable match.

During my apprenticeship with Furley Page, I was approached by the Head of Personal Injury who was impressed with my work ethic, enthusiasm and quality and I accepted a job offer from him as a legal assistant. I briefly considered going back to University to study Law. However, as I already had a position in a firm and was earning a salary, CILEx was my preferred way forward. For me, it is important to be able to earn a salary and study at the same time. CILEx was recommended to me by some of my Furley Page colleagues who had also chosen this route. It meant I could qualify whilst still working for the firm.

CILEx is a reputable qualification and members of CILEx can now progress to be Partners of firms and even Judges. Furley Page already has several CILEx Senior Associates and Associates. LTC was recommended to me by a colleague. I started studying in 2016 and finished my last exam in June 2018.

I finished my studies, while working, in two and a half years. For online study, you need to be dedicated and be willing to commit time to study. However, it does mean you can work and plan your time as you wish to complete the course at your own speed. Setting my own goals enabled me to self-motivate. If any situation ever became too stressful, I could always re-evaluate.

I remember at one stage I sat the Level 3 and Level 6 Land Law and Conveyancing exams at the same time. I think it was possible for me to do it so quickly because of the flexibility of the course. I would not have been able to learn so much if I’d been restricted to a classroom. Being able to access resources quickly online meant I could use every spare moment to go through the course material. I passed all my exams the first time.

I found working with the people at Furley Page valuable. When I didn’t understand something in the course, I could ask my colleagues. I wouldn’t have been able to get through some of the topics without their help.

I am in a fee earning role and I am building up a caseload. I am continuing to progress in my role, taking on a higher caseload and more complex cases. In the future, I hope this qualification will open more opportunities.

On the 24th August 2019, I’ll be able to submit my portfolio to CILEx and apply for Fellowship. I would recommend CILEx, it is a good qualification and can open opportunities for you.


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