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Claire Richardson – thriving in conveyancing with a CLC qualification

Working full-time in conveyancing, Claire needed an educational pathway that accommodated her demanding schedule and allowed her to continue working. When she found Law Training Centre and our CLC courses, she realised this was the perfect option for her.

Claire Richardson working in conveyancing

It means that I didn’t have to cut down the hours. I could still carry on being a conveyancer full time. There weren’t any seminars that I needed to go to, there wasn’t a set time, like, oh, you need to go to this seminar or you need to go to a university for something.

Claire Richardson, CLC learner

This flexibility was crucial for Claire, as her responsibilities at work required her to be fully present. The ability to study without the constraints of fixed schedules allowed her to focus on qualifying and maintain her professional role simultaneously.

Claire’s journey into law wasn’t straightforward. A serious school bus crash when she was 17 left her hospitalised for months: “I had a lot of time to think. I thought, well, you know, why not? I’m just going to do it. And that’s what gave me the confidence to go into law.”

Despite leaving school with two Es and a D at A-level, Claire’s determination saw her achieving a degree, a Graduate Diploma in Law, and eventually her CLC Level 6 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice with Law Training Centre.

When asked about choosing the right route, Claire highlighted that she found the CLC route more suitable for her career aspirations than the LPC. “I feel like it definitely was a lot easier for me doing the CLC over the LPC because the CLC is a specific part of law that I had the practical experience for years doing.”

After previous attempts to balance work and study proved too demanding, Claire knew she needed a provider that offered flexibility. Law Training Centre stood out for its supportive and accessible approach. With our CLC course, she was able to utilize every opportunity to study, listening to course videos while doing chores or during her commute. The mock exams, immediate feedback, and the helpful tutors made a significant difference to her learning experience.

Reflecting on her journey, Claire advises others to consider the CLC route through Law Training Centre. The flexibility, support and focused curriculum make it an ideal choice for those wanting to advance in the conveyancing profession without sacrificing their work-life balance: “I definitely advise you to do it.”

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