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Katie Bennett

Katie Bennett – from equitation science to becoming a licensed conveyancer

Katie Bennett fell into law unexpectedly after taking a job as an admin assistant for a qualified solicitor in her local area. Having studied a degree in equitation science, a career in law wasn’t necessarily where she expected to end up.

“A family friend who was a solicitor had asked me to help with her nutter of a thoroughbred, and she also happened to need an admin assistant. So I did a couple of mornings a week, and she said ‘You’re quite good at this – would you like me to train you?’”.

From there, Katie began on her journey to a career as a licensed conveyancer.

Through her role, she was introduced to the world of conveyancing, and realised that she had a real interest in the subject. She completed her Level 4 CLC qualification through another provider, but decided to make the switch to Law Training Centre for her Level 6 after hearing such positive recommendations online.

“The course at Law Training Centre and the study aids available were so innovative. It really helped someone like me who didn’t do well in exams when I was a kid to understand the content and be able to achieve a degree-equivalent qualification.”

Katie Bennet on her horse, becoming a licensed conveyancer
“The webinars and the online portal were incredibly helpful, as were the exercises set up for us to go through. It was very rare that I actually had to ask for help because it was all so clear.”

Thanks to the flexible nature of online learning, Katie was able to complete her 1200 hours of practical experience whilst studying, qualifying in April 2023. Having now successfully completed her CLC Level 6 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice, Katie is working as a licensed conveyancer at a local law firm.

When asked about what advice she would give to those looking to enter the legal profession, Katie commented: “Learn when to stick up for yourself and try not to undervalue yourself. I’m disabled, so I have special needs, and I have found that you can’t be afraid to ask questions. Your supervisors are there to help you, and it’s better to ask them questions and learn than to make mistakes.”

Although she has taken her stride in conveyancing, Katie assures us that her love for horses and equitation science is still strong and she continues to take an interest in the topics outside of her legal career.

“I think people just need to be more believing in themselves. If someone like me can go from not having any A Levels and only Cs at GCSE to getting not just one degree but also a degree-level diploma, then the world is your oyster!”

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