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Marta Maldonado Prados

Law Training Centre provides ‘everything in one place’ for notarial studies

Marta Maldonado Prados studied law at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid before moving to the UK in 2019. As there is a difference between the legal systems in Spain and England, when she finished her degree, Marta decided to travel to England to build her knowledge of English law. After gaining different experiences and doing some studies, she was hired by Saville and Co. Scrivener Notaries as a notarial assistant in 2021.  

She says: “My objective was to progress further, so when it became available, I applied for the role of trainee notary with Saville and Co. I am beyond grateful for this training contract as it is giving me the opportunity to build the career I always wanted.” 

Marta is currently studying the notarial course modules with Law Training Centre, before going on to do her practical course at University College London.  

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Online option with Law Training Centre

Marta started her studies in January 2022. Her first exam was the Practice of Company and Partnership Law with CILEX in June, which she passed with distinction. She was due to start the GDL in September. At that time, to become a notary, you needed to study the GDL plus three CILEX units as Wills, Conveyancing and Practice of Company were not covered by the GDL. “I was happy to do this and to attend the lectures after work,” Marta says. 

When CILEX decided to stop delivering the three additional modules and the GDL stopped covering European Union law (in some cases), the Faculty Office of Archbishop of Canterbury (FOAC) chose Law Training Centre as the preferred provider. 

She says: “I was happy FOAC appointed Law Training Centre as the official provider because it means I can study all the modules in one place. It was fantastic news to be able to study exclusively the modules I need too, as the GDL includes other extra modules such as criminal law or tort law that are not required in my case. Law Training Centre is very convenient as the notary course includes only what you need to become a notary.” 

Marta has found that online learning with Law Training Centre gives her flexibility. Even though she does miss campus life, she finds it easier to manage her time.  

Marta is looking forward to a career as a notary and then scrivener notary in the long term. As a scrivener notary you must speak three languages and she already speaks English and Spanish. “I am excited to learn Portuguese as my third language. Then after all the studying I hope to settle down and enjoy my career.” 


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