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Yolandy Nderura

Yolandy Nderura – studying a short course internationally

When 28-year-old Yolandy Nderura found out about Law Training Centre’s short course, The Business Law of England & Wales, through our South African partner, STADIO CLL, she decided it was the perfect opportunity to expand her knowledge and further her legal career.

Having already completed a law degree at the University of Namibia and a Bachelor of Commerce at STADIO Higher Education, she got a new job as a legal financial advisor.

In her new role, she got the chance to focus on the financial and business side of law, which made the business law short course the ideal chance to develop these skills and gain a new certificate to add to her repertoire.

“Somehow I think I’m infatuated with studying,” said Yolandy when asked why she decided to undertake the short course. “It’s like this little habit that I have. I always want to study something extra, gaining a little bit more knowledge on something I’m interested in.”

“I had some free time so I thought, ‘why not do a business law course?’, and then I stumbled upon Law Training Centre. I went through to the website and found the prices, which I could afford, and decided the course would be perfect for me as I wanted to venture into a more specific area of law.”

business law short course yolandy nderura
As an international learner, Yolandy was able to sign up to The Business Law of England & Wales short course via our partner, STADIO CLL, studying remotely from Namibia.

“I think I would only do online studying going forward in my life! It’s very convenient in the respect that you can still go to work, come home, and use your free time to do something that is beneficial for your future.”

“I found that it was very convenient. Everything was there for you on the platform and the assistance was really, really good.”

Law Training Centre’s courses are all fully online and flexible by design, allowing those located within the UK or overseas to fit their studies around their work and family life.

Having now completed The Business Law of England & Wales short course, Yolandy is continuing to study in her spare time, working towards her Master of Laws (LLM) and hoping to study another of Law Training Centre’s short courses upon completion.

Yolandy was also awarded Law Training Centre’s Student of the Month award after successfully completing her short course in business law.

Law Training Centre currently offers five short courses, including The Legal System of England & Wales, The Employment Law of England & Wales, The Business Law of England & Wales, The Criminal Law of England & Wales and The Contract Law of England & Wales.

To find out more about our short courses available in South Africa through our partner, STADIO CLL, please contact [email protected].


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