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Cardiff Met University CLC Probate Technician Initiative

Cardiff Met University CLC Probate Technician Initiative

Together with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers and Law Training Centre, Cardiff Met University’s Probate Technician Initiative provides you with an opportunity to obtain CLC Probate Technician status upon completion of your degree by completing two additional elements alongside your study:

  • Unit: SQA/CLC Level 4: Understanding accounting procedures for probate transactions
  • 6 months work experience in relevant employment (in a probate practice, legal firm or organisation offering probate services to the public)

Students will have the option to complete the additional unit between years 1 and 2 or between years 2 and 3 of their degree by enrolling with Law Training Centre, a fully accredited online provider of this CLC unit.

Upon completion, students will graduate with an extra vocational qualification on top of their law degree, enhancing employability and providing a competitive edge when applying for graduate roles.

What is a CLC Probate Technician?

Probate Technicians assist probate lawyers in the administration of the estate of a deceased person and work directly with private clients and other probate lawyers. They work in a variety of legal teams and settings recognised in the private client industry, including Licensed Conveyancing or Solicitors’ practices. They may also work as sole practitioners. Probate Technicians deal with a broad range of other professional persons including: accountancy, banking, tax, trust and charitable professionals in the course of administering an estate.

Course overview

The unit is delivered on an interactive online learning environment with flexible, on demand content.

The learning outcomes for the unit are:

  1. Apply the rules and principles set out in the CLC Accounts Code and Guidance to practical scenarios in a Probate context through short answer questions and/or multiple-choice questions.
  2. Recording of financial transactions using the double-entry book-keeping system.
  3. Preparation of a client invoice for a Probate transaction and preparation of a simple Estate account.


The learning resources include:

  • SQA/CLC official course manual provided as a hard copy and online
  • A weekly learning plan
  • Lectures covering key content available on demand
  • Self-test questions
  • Mock assessments
  • Q&A workshops
  • Personal Academic Coach and 1:1 tutor support
  • Online assessment

How long will it take?

This is a 12 week unit based on a minimum commitment of 8 hours per week. If you are able to commit more time each week to the unit you will be able to complete the unit in a shorter period.

Your course fee will entitle you to 1 year of course access, during which you can complete your studies as and when it suits you. The learner materials are accessible on demand at your convenience allowing flexibility in your learning.


When do I enrol?

Law Training Centre operates this course on a flexible, enrol any time policy. You can decide on the best time to enrol for you or agree with fellow students to join at the same time as study buddies. Whenever you choose to enrol, you will benefit from being a part of the Law Training Centre learner community and will have access to tutors for academic support and pastoral coaching.

How will I be assessed?

The unit is assessed by way of an online assessment which lasts 2 hours 30 minutes, inclusive of 15 minutes reading time. To pass the assessment you must achieve at least 50%. If you do not pass on your first attempt you will have a second attempt at the assessment.

As the assessment is taken online, it can be taken on a date of your choosing (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm excluding bank holidays) at a suitable private location with stable internet connection. The assessment is bookable 2 weeks in advance of your preferred date.

Course fees

February  Offer:

This is a strictly limited time promotion to 29 February 2024 that may be amended or withdrawn at any time. It cannot be used with any other offer.

One off payment: £450


Standard Full Course Fees:

One off payment: £675


Open To All Scholarship:

One off payment: £472.50

Additional study and progression to become a Licensed Probate Practitioner

By completing the unit in addition to your degree you will have the option to progress to the CLC Level 6 Diploma in Probate Law and Practice with Law Training Centre. In combination with 1200 hours of practical experience, this will enable you to apply for a CLC license to practise as a Licensed Probate Practitioner.


Exemptions for LLB holders

As an LLB holder you will qualify for exemptions from the rest of the Level 4 units.

You will be allowed entry directly onto the CLC Level 6 Diploma in Probate Law and Practice.

If you are looking to get a head start on your Level 6 qualification and are considering taking some of these units alongside your degree modules, please contact us to discuss with a tutor before doing so.


Can I be ‘dual licensed’ for both conveyancing and probate?

Yes, you can! The CLC offers a fast route to becoming licensed* in both the areas as detailed on the CLC website.

For example, if you were to become a Licensed Probate Practitioner first:

  • Once you have successfully become Licensed as a CLC Probate Practitioner you would then need to study just two further Level 6 units relating to Conveyancing and Landlord and Tenant.
  • You will be exempt from Managing client and office accounts (Conveyancing).
  • 1,200 hours Practical Experience in Probate will be needed.

The above process would be ‘vice versa’ if you wanted to become a Licensed Probate Practitioner first and then a Licensed Conveyancer.

Please note that for guidance on licensing you must kindly consult directly with the CLC.

*Granting a CLC first qualifying license is subject to other licensing requirements being satisfied in addition to educational attainment. Centres are not in a position to anticipate the outcome of an application for a CLC first qualifying license before it has been determined by the CLC.

See what our CLC learners have to say…


Ali qualified in both conveyancing and probate with CLC courses from Law Training Centre.


Laura qualified with a CLC Diploma and became Young Practitioner of the Year at the Todays Conveyancer Awards.


Thomas was the first learner to sit an SQA/CLC remote, proctored exam with Law Training Centre.

Law Training Centre is adept at accommodating individuals with busy lives, jobs and other commitments, and I must say they excel in prioritising the mental well-being of their students.

Sonia Lawrence, CLC learner

My tutor went above and beyond to help me. He answered every query I had, and he was very helpful. I also found the flashcards and quizzes very helpful too.

Jack Coulton, CLC learner

The qualifications I achieved through Law Training Centre helped me gain the relevant knowledge and competence – and they say competence leads to confidence. I enjoyed studying with Law Training Centre; I enjoyed it so much, I picked up extra courses with them.

Ali Shah, CLC learner

Studying with Law Training Centre fitted around my life. I’m not sure I could have done it any other way. The online tutor and the support are fantastic.

Sam Griggs, CLC learner

Why choose Law Training Centre?

As specialised legal trainers, we’ve trained over 2,000 conveyancing and probate professionals.

Our academic team are legal professionals and academic specialists that understand the requirements of the legal sector.

Unique, fully flexible online course delivery made to fit around your work and life commitments.

Unlimited tutor support for learners to help you accelerate your legal career and stand out from the competition.

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