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8 April 2020

Success with LTC through online study

Steven Murray, Head of Qualifications with LTC, gives an insightful ‘how and why’ online study with LTC can bring success, personal achievement and the professional skills to support career advancement.


First and foremost, the tutor team at LTC have one single objective; to deliver the very best sector-leading support, guidance and materials that allow every learner to achieve their very best.

Our tutors have decades of experience delivering and creating professional legal qualifications, both nationally and internationally. Learners are partnered with a named tutor who will share their progress throughout their journey towards qualifying. With each tutor having exceptional levels of professional experience, they can understand the challenges any learner can face as they progress towards their goals and with that understanding, they will deliver creative and realistic solutions to those challenges. With LTC, you really are part of our winning community.


Why study online?

Whether you are currently employed within the legal sector or not, whether you are studying to change or begin a new career; studying online with LTC brings flexibility. You can meet your work and life commitments and even continue to enjoy your weekly hobbies around your learning and training.

With the guidance of your tutor, you can create your own personalised learning plan. You will study and engage with your tutor who will reinforce your understanding through clear and structured working examples, making legal theory and principles understandable and applicable to everyday situations.


Study that fits your tempo

You can work at your own pace, with all the qualification subjects set out in a logical and progressive order. The revision exercises deliver a 360-degree function. This means that you will be able to see how and why the law works in that particular way and using these exercises with your tutor develops new skills that you can readily apply to both your study and your workplace. Throughout your study with LTC, we will be building your skills so that you can become a reflective practitioner. This means that you can become skilled in the ability to refer to multiple sources of information and making critical judgements based upon your understanding and knowledge of them. Then, following your careful consideration, you can deliver reasoned and confident conclusions to both client and colleague tasks alike.

Studying with LTC will encourage you to feel pride in your work, resourcefulness in your endeavours, self-discipline in achieving tasks and the determination to enjoy the rewards that your hard work will bring.


Behind you every step of the way

Many will say that studying online requires more self-motivation and time-management skills and, to a degree, that is true. What others do not have, however, is the full team at LTC behind them from subject specialist tutors to the IT technical team who will be there answering your questions, supporting your understanding and helping you achieve success. Ultimately, studying with LTC will deliver the professional legal training you seek, and it will also help you become more self-motivated, more resolute, more confident and skilled at managing complex tasks and time. These are a set of real-world skills that will become invaluable as you progress in your chosen field.

Now that we can appreciate why studying online with LTC can bring us the success our hard work and dedication deserves, why would studying with LTC’s online materials be the correct choice for you?


Why Law Training Centre?

The approach of every member of the LTC team is to secure your success and to ensure that everyone achieves the very best that they can do. At LTC, we apply the science of learning to your program.

When we progress through school and even on to further or higher education, traditional teaching relies heavily on the ability to remember things. This is where we remember, for example, a simple formula such as 2 x 2 = 4. The challenge was, as we soon found out, that there were literally hundreds of things we were meant to remember and then repeat when asked in a test or an exam. This is even more challenging because it was never explained how this can be done effectively and without overloading our memory. When studying, this can be referred to as ‘burning out.’ This is when we get to the position of having spent so much time with our books, we just can’t seem to remember anything.


Training your mind

With your learning materials here at LTC, we regard your mind as a brilliant tool that simply needs some exercise to do something that it might not have done for a while. Many of us may be returning to study after years away from traditional education, therefore, our minds need a little exercise; just like an athlete who hasn’t trained for a while.

The first thing that we will be doing, even though you might not notice it, is to begin exercising our sensory memory. As you might have guessed, our sensory memory is activated by our senses. There are 5 possible senses that a person can have: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Now that we have introduced the sensory memory, how can we employ activities to engage it and begin enjoying the benefits it can bring to our learning? What we must do is activate as many senses as we possibly can. What we do at LTC is use written materials (visual) but also the alternative features provided by the learning technology team such as audio webinars, podcasts and the interactive online discussion board and exercises.


Stimulating ‘working memory’

The next thing that we do with our LTC materials is to think about how we will put the information we read or listen to, into practice. This is called the working memory. The scientific explanation for this part of our learning process is called conscious processing. This is where the brain decides what answers will be and how we will structure that answer. As we have already referred to earlier, this is also the part of our memory that can potentially suffer from ‘burnout.’ This can be experienced when we are studying for a long time, but we feel that we have stopped understanding the materials or that we can’t remember any of the information we are reading. Burnout is a result of cognitive (thinking) overload. Essentially, we are trying to take on too much, too soon. Our brain is a wonderful thing, but it is practiced and exercised in a particular way depending on whose brain it is! Our working memory generally holds a certain amount of information depending on a number of things including general health, age and level and experience of study.


The ’Pomodoro Technique’

What is especially important about the working memory is that it can be improved. At LTC we encourage you to study in ‘bits’ and for specific periods of time instead of trying to learn or memorise chapters of written text.

This is called the ‘pomodoro technique.’

When your tutor is encouraging you to use the Pomodoro technique, they are suggesting that you break down your desired study into pieces. These pieces must be in a meaningful order, but we attach a time limit of around 25 minutes, throughout which time we study, read or listen to our materials. We separate these 25-minute sets by short breaks. The breaks can include putting the books down and getting a glass of water (remember to keep hydrated) or just rest and take a break. We encourage you not to go onto social media because this can stimulate other negative and competitive emotions that can conflict with your study for that day.

Used effectively, Pomodoro can reduce anxiety, enhance focus and boost motivation.


Reinforcing long-term memory

Lastly, we take a moment to talk about our long-term memory. Here we are not referring to long term memory in a way that asks how long you can remember something, no; what we mean here is how we link our newfound information (in our 25-minute sessions) to old information. When you work with your tutor, you will discover that you are beginning to create a more full and robust understanding of the materials we are studying. What you will be achieving is the creation of a meaningful link between what you already know about the subject so far, and what we have discovered in our new study session.


A combination of a dedicated team whose vision is your success, an unrivalled combined experience of online teaching practice and a scientifically based learning and teaching methodology makes online learning with LTC your pathway to success.


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