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28 March 2020

Online Proctored exams available now for CLC/SQA learners

SQA/CLC learners, online proctored exams are now live!

If you’re studying the SQA/CLC Level 4 or 6 Diploma in Conveyancing/Probate Law and Practice, a new way to sit your exams is here…

We promised learners in our Assessments and Exams Announcement post that we were working hard on a way for learners to continue their exams despite external venues and workplaces coming under lockdown.

The great news is that our online proctored exams are available to book now!


What is a Proctored exam?

All our exams are proctored already, as they all must have an invigilator (a neutral party) present supervising the examination, taken under exam conditions. As our UK-wide lockdown deepens, many learners who had examinations booked were no longer able to sit them.

As a result, we have worked hard to get our new online exam system up and running for you to take advantage of and not delay you from progressing your studies.

Online proctored exams mean you can sit your CLC/SQA exams remotely.

Check your learner area for more information.

Watch our proctored exams presentation


How would this work?

For those that have a PC with a webcam, or laptop with a webcam/cam feature and photographic I.D., you will be able to sit the examinations in any suitable location. We expect most learners to sit their online exams either at home or at work.

You will need to read through the requirements of the exam before you make a booking and we include a checklist to ensure that everything is clearly explained to you and you are ready to take your online exam.

Check your learner area more information.


Will this affect how quickly my exam is graded?

No, our 14-20 working days’ turn around will still apply to your exams regardless of how you sat them.


How will you ensure the integrity of the exam?

To maintain exam integrity, you will need to follow simple but specific rules around online exams, from what type of room you can take the exam in, what you can take into the exam, what time the exam can be sat, even what you wear. If you have any questions, check your learner area with the detailed guidelines or email us at [email protected].


Will there be a charge for this?

No, Law Training Centre will not pass this cost to the learner. We will continue to provide this as inclusive with your SQA/CLC course and as an additional option when things go back to normal. As far as learners are concerned, it’s business as usual!


This means I can finish my course without delay! Where can I book?

You can book through your eLearning area with 10 working days’ notice. Provided you are within your course access period and up to date with payments, you will be good to go. Check the documents linked in your eLearning area for more information.

Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.


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