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16 January 2023

Are you fully prepared for SQE1?

As you prepare for your SQE1 later this month (26 and 30 January) it might be worth taking a look at a report that identifies areas where learners appear to be less well prepared than others and is therefore reflected in pass marks for those areas. You could say that the questions are more difficult in the areas where results look weaker, but we think preparation is key. 


The Performance by Practice Areas report published in December 2022 by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) shares the outcomes of assessments taken between November 2021 and August 2022. It will form part of the SRA annual report and should be read in full by all learners. Whilst the SRA does summarise the findings we wanted to support you by making it all a bit clearer, explaining why some areas may appear easier or more difficult than others. Louise McGhee, Qualifications Manager, has reviewed the report and explains here.  


What areas of SQE1 do learners find the easiest?

According to the report learners are doing well in ethics, contract and criminal. This is not surprising when you consider the topics themselves. Ethics is primarily about honesty and professional conduct – something that, for all aspiring lawyers is essential. Contract and criminal law are both areas that learners often find interesting and are therefore more engaged with. They are also studied on a law degree so many learners undertaking the SQE will have studied these before, and even if they haven’t, it is likely that the content covered in these areas is more relatable.


What areas of SQE1 do learners find more difficult?

The weakest areas, according to the report are business law, dispute resolution, property practice and wills and intestacy. Most learners will not have studied these subjects as they are not usually part of a law degree. Besides this, they are predominantly related to the application of law which inevitably makes them more difficult for those without experience in legal practice. This means you might want to concentrate on these areas, but not, of course, to the detriment of the others.  You should also take a look at the SQE1 live workshops provided on the SQE1 Prep course. These include a focus on scenarios related to the application of law and can be a useful tool to enhance your understanding of the relationship between theory and application. 


SQE2 preparation

It might be hard to think ahead to SQE2 before you’ve even taken SQE1, but you might also want to consider the results for learners in SQE2 in preparation for that exam in April. For now, good luck to all our learners as you prepare for your SQE1. 


Law Training Centre’s SQE1 support

As well as our SQE courses, which include SQE1 Full Prep Course; SQE1 Express Course; and SQE1 Just Mocks, as well as SQE2 prep courses, Law Training Centre has written some articles to support your preparation for any law exams, or getting back on track with your studies: 


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