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26 January 2023

Are you prepared for the SQE2 Oral assessment?

Law Training Centre is the first training provider to offer an ‘oral skills only’ ‘SQE2 Just Mocks’ package for learners. 

As well as the current SQE2 Just Mocks Practice Area course, learners can now opt for SQE2 Just Mocks Oral Skills, a package designed for anyone wishing to practice only their oral skills of advocacy and client interviewing through mock assessments across the four practice areas. 

Louise McGhee, Qualifications Manager, introduced the concept of the package after some new learner enquiries requested this specific support in the run up to their SQE2 assessment. She says: “Within our existing SQE2 Just Mock Practice area courses, we already have live advocacy or interview mock assessments as applicable to the specific practice areas together with written mock assessments. For those confident in their written skills, but who require practice and feedback on their oral skills, they can now choose a package that is right for them.”  

Georgina Gisborn, SQE2 Learner and Generalist Advisor at Citizens Advice Leicestershire, has completed advocacy practice mocks in Dispute Resolution and Criminal Litigation, in preparation towards the SQE2 assessment. She says: “They have been extremely helpful. The mock assessments are structured as a video hearing and tested the depth of my FLK knowledge and allowed me to think on my feet when being asked questions by a mock judge.” 

Georgina says the practice mocks have improved her skills in structuring skeleton arguments, making applications to the court, technique in preparing a script, and with her confidence, adding: “The detailed feedback I received has shown the places where I need to improve, and the marking criteria was applied by tutors to show my grade. Furthermore, the assessment was recorded so I can listen and apply feedback in retrospect.” 

Louise says: “Whilst the SQE2 assessment is in person, the online SQE2 Just Mocks Oral Skills will still test the learners’ ability to conduct advocacy and their interviewing skills. Importantly, as more and more hearings and interviews in practice utilise video communication as an alternative method, an online oral practice exam gives the learner both experience of the assessment, but also practice at an art they may use when they qualify. It’s an invaluable preparation tool provided in an accessible and convenient way.” 

Eve Dullabh, Director of Education, commented: “We listen to our learners’ feedback and are always looking at ways to enhance their experience and to provide more opportunity for people. As an online-only provider of learning we can adapt to the market very quickly. We heard what our learners were asking for and developed this course to meet those needs.” 

The SQE2 Oral assessment is split into four parts with two oral skills to be assessed across four practice areas: 

  • Advocacy in the context of Criminal Litigation and Dispute Resolution 
  • Client interview and attendance note/legal analysis in the context of Property Practice and Wills and Intestacy, Probate Administration and Practice

Learners must have a thorough understanding of the skills and relevant practice areas. To enable you to practice each combination, the course contains the following four mock assessments: 

  • An advocacy mock assessment for the practice area Criminal Litigation
  • An advocacy mock assessment for the practice area Dispute Resolution 
  • A client interview and attendance note/legal analysis mock assessment for the practice area Property Practice
  • A client interview and attendance note/legal analysis mock assessment for the practice area Wills and Intestacy, Probate Administration and Practice

For all mock assessments, learners receive comprehensive feedback to help them improve upon both their knowledge and technique ahead of their SQE2 assessments.  

SQE2 Just Mocks: Oral Skills 1 is available at the launch offer price of £295 (the standard price will be £375).

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