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26 December 2023

New Year’s Resolutions – Achieve your goals in 2024 with Law Training Centre 

Is your resolution to start studying law or to take the next step in your legal career?  

At Law Training Centre, we take a flexible and accessible approach to education to help you achieve your goals and resolutions. Our courses are designed to be fully flexible, meaning that they can be studied purely online on a full time or part time basis to work around your lifestyle.   

We have a fantastic team of tutors who are here to support you and guide you through your academic journey.  We also have our friendly Student Services Team who are always happy to answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction. One of the most common questions they receive is, “Can I work and study at the same time? The answer is yes – of course you can!  

Many of our learners have busy, full-time jobs, but we are still able to accommodate them through our on-demand, online approach to learning, which is especially helpful when trying to achieve educational and career goals in the New Year.  

“I knew that I couldn’t have completed the qualification without having the option to do it online, both due to being based in Dubai and also already having an established career and working full time. The ability to study at my own pace was crucial for me.” – Tanja Goetzfried, NALP Learner with Law Training Centre 

“The online resources, with tutorials and support at my fingertips, were invaluable. As a learner who needs to visualise something to understand it, I benefitted from the lecture slides and videos in particular. The flexibility really worked for me and I don’t think I could have completed the course if it hadn’t been online and able to fit around my family life.” Tasha Peeters, CILEX Learner with Law Training Centre 


Getting back into education as a mature student 

We get many mature individuals contacting us asking if they can re-enter the world of education and study law, and the answer is yes!  The New Year is the perfect time to take on a new challenge with an extremely rewarding end goal.  

To those thinking about studying now, I’d say go for it. What do you gain by waiting? As you progress, you’ll build on what you learn and get stronger with each module, and there is lots of support. If you are thinking about studying, it is because part of you believes you can do it – your focus on that belief will get you there.” Julieann Fitzgerald, CLC Learner with Law Training Centre 

“As for the learning process, it doesn’t matter what age you hit it at. There’s a brain that works in there. If you want to use it, it’s capable of doing it.” Louise Dyer, CILEX Learner with Law Training Centre 


 Requesting employer sponsorship  

Have you considered how much it could benefit your firm or business to have a more qualified employee? Consider speaking to your employer about financial support for your studies in the New Year. With over 50% of those studying with Law Training Centre sponsored by their employer, it’s clear that employer sponsorship is a valued option for both learners and firms alike. 

This sponsorship and investment in employee development does not only take the form of financial aid:, many employers also provide time off for study leave and to take exams, so it is worth investigating this option. 

Are you thinking about going down the SQE route to qualify as a solicitor? Law Training Centre have created an SQE Career Progression Business Plan Template to make it easier for individuals to approach their employers when asking for support. To find out more information and download the template, please click here. 

 Whether you want to become a licensed paralegal, solicitor, licensed conveyancer, notary, or you just want a boost in legal knowledge – we have a variety of courses to suit your career goals and help you surpass your New Year’s resolutions.  If you are interested in embarking on your legal education journey and don’t know where to start or would like to ask further questions about a particular course, contact our friendly Student Services Team on +44 (0)330 088 8495 or by email to [email protected]. 

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