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21 November 2023

Legal Navigator Learner Experience: Qualifying Without a Law Degree

Welcome to the Law Training Centre Legal Navigator Podcast with your host Rebecca Ogunmayun.

Are you wondering if it’s still possible to enter the legal profession without a law degree?

In our newest episode of the Legal Navigator Podcast, Rebecca Ogunmayun discusses the many routes to a career in law without a law degree alongside special guests Louise Dyer, Laura Vanstone and Sarah Townsend.

Louise and Laura share their insights on qualifying via the CLC route, having both worked their way up within a law firm without a degree to become qualified lawyers. On the other hand, Sarah shares her thoughts on her non-traditional route to qualification through CILEX after completing an English degree.

With more options available than you might think, qualifying as a lawyer and starting a legal career isn’t confined to those who studied law at university. Whether you have a degree in a different subject or you’re looking to enter the profession with no higher education background, there is an option for you!

For more information about Law Training Centre and qualifying without a law degree, please contact [email protected].

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