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22 January 2024

Legal Navigator Webinar: QWE – Your Questions Answered

Did you miss our most recent webinar? Not to worry!

Catch up on our latest Legal Navigator Webinar: ‘QWE – Your Questions Answered’.

In this webinar, host Rebecca Ogunmayun got the chance to speak with a range of wonderful guest speakers about their experiences with qualifying work experience (QWE) and answered your questions.

On the panel, we were able to hear from Shahedur Rohman, Associate Solicitor and Tutor at Law Training Centre, who was able to give some valuable insight about the ins and outs of the QWE confirmation process. As a qualified solicitor, Shahedur supports our partner, Access Law Clinic, with their QWE Review & Confirm service, where he sees plenty of applications for QWE confirmation.

“In terms of the signing off process, it’s very straightforward and very seamless. And the first thing from the candidates perspective, they just need to gather and recollect the experiences they have. And most people who’ve worked, whether it be year, two years doing legal-related work, will be surprised how much they’ve actually gone through that process.”

We were also joined by Charlie Tye, Associate Lecturer, who has had lots of experience with gathering QWE and getting it confirmed by Access Law Clinic. Charlie was able to share with us some interesting thoughts about how he gained his experience and how the confirmation process worked from the SQE candidate’s perspective.

“Those competencies (the SRA list them publicly) can be very flexible. And I found jobs where these were often overlapping. For instance, one of my placements involved researching, essentially finding an original find, finding the original contracts, or at least I should say, and finding that reading it, then doing research on various terms and even generalist research, refreshing my memory after I had left law school at that point on some of the fundamentals and essentially all of those, and then putting that together into one document, that’s one task, but that engages a variety of competencies.”

Finally, we spoke to Dalia Sarhan, Senior Legal Counsel and current SQE1 learner with Law Training Centre. As an international learner, Dalia was able to receive exemptions from the QWE requirements for the SQE, and shares her thoughts on QWE for others that are international and considering the SQE pathway.

“A lot of international or foreign lawyers are currently looking into getting a qualification from the UK for carer development reasons. With the new system, it’s where you are exempt from qualifying work experience. It’s become even more attractive for lawyers who are working because in the past where you had to do this it would have been difficult to leave your current job and look for something else.”


If you would like to find out more about completing your QWE with Access Law Clinic or getting your QWE confirmed by their wonderful team, please contact [email protected].

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