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16 January 2024

CLC changes exemption guidance to support SQE1 learners

Once you embark on a qualification route, it can sometimes feel like there’s no turning back. However, the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) have announced new exemption guidance for those on the SQE path, allowing SQE learners that change their mind or seek to dual qualify after completing some or all of SQE1 to become a licensed conveyancer or probate practitioner.


New CLC exemptions for SQE learners

The CLC exemption guidance has added new exemptions for SQE candidates. SQE learners must complete certain units depending on how much of the qualification they have completed to meet the CLC’s academic standards:

  • Passed SQE1 FLK1 only:
    • To obtain a Level 4 Diploma candidates must complete Land Law, Conveyancing or Wills, and a Level 4 Accounts unit.
    • To then obtain a Level 6 Diploma, candidates must complete all three Level 6 units.
  • Passed SQE1 FLK2 only:
    • To obtain a Level 4 Diploma candidates must complete English Legal System, and Contract.
    • To then obtain a Level 6 Diploma, candidates must complete all three Level 6 units.
  • Passed both SQE1 FLK1 and FLK2:
    • Candidates are exempt from Level 4.
    • To obtain a Level 6 Diploma candidates must complete the Level 6 Accounts unit only.

These exemptions can be used alongside any exemptions that would be granted from a completed law degree, such as progressing directly to Level 6.


What does this mean for SQE learners?

Although it might seem like a small change, this new exemption option offers a great alternative for those without a law degree that have studied SQE1 and maybe don’t want to go on to do SQE2, or have passed one rather than both of the SQE1 assessments.

With these new exemptions, learners who no longer wish to qualify as a solicitor, or hope to dually qualify as a licensed conveyancer along the way, can still use their SQE1 pass towards a legal qualification, rather than feeling like they’ve wasted money and time. Plus, it offers more options to those that might be unsure about embarking on their SQE journey – learners can now study SQE1 with the option to continue on that pathway and qualify as a solicitor, or to change their mind and qualify as a licensed conveyancer or licensed probate practitioner instead.

And for those who are looking to earn more whilst they learn, this new exemption opens up doors for dually qualifying as both a solicitor and a licensed conveyancer/probate practitioner. Learners can therefore take their SQE1 exams and go on to qualify in conveyancing or probate whilst continuing to study for SQE2 and using this prior qualification to fund their solicitor studies.


How can I make use of these exemptions?

With over 500 of our learners already having benefitted from exemptions for their recognised prior learning, Law Training Centre is well-versed in supporting learners through the exemption process.

To discuss possible exemptions for SQE1 or any other qualifications you might hold, please email us with the details of your qualifications and our academic team will gladly assess and advise you further.

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