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15 February 2022

Five reasons to date a lawyer

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is all around, but could it be that you’ve been searching for your Mr or Mrs Right in the wrong places? Whilst traditional depictions of Lawyers might lead you to believe this is not the obvious choice of career for romance, we’re here to prove that dating a lawyer definitely has its perks!

Traditionally, you might associate a Lawyer with being more fluent in Latin than in the language of love. But dating a Lawyer comes with some major perks – check out our top five reasons you should consider a legal career a major tick when searching for The One.


Their presentation will always be immaculate

As anyone who has watched Suits will know, Lawyers are the masters of formal attire, with a sophisticated and timeless style that is in a class of its own. Not only is their physical presentation way above par, but the way they conduct themselves is always certain to rise to the occasion – you certainly won’t have to worry about a lack of confidence when introducing them to your friends or inviting them to a dinner party! Combined with the natural respect and awe most people have for anyone who carries the title ‘Lawyer’, your parents are sure to approve.


They are intelligent

It’s no secret that intelligence is inherently sexy, with recent studies having shown that intelligence is rated, particularly by women, the most sexually attractive and the most desirable quality in a long-term partner. In fact, attraction to intelligence even has its own term – ‘sapiosexual’. One thing is certain, when dating a Lawyer, you can expect quick wit and conversation that keeps you on your toes. Plus, you might even expand your own vocabulary!


They (should have) killer communication skills

We all know communication in a relationship is key. A good Lawyer is one who can understand and interpret all sides of the argument, and therefore is likely to be able to see things from your perspective and take a calm and reasoned approach to any conflict. They are also able to easily break down complex scenarios and articulate their interpretation back to you. However, don’t be surprised if you also fall victim to their powers of persuasion from time to time – you’re only human after all!


They take commitment seriously

Lawyers are usually exceptionally mature; they take the time to think things through and certainly won’t enter into something without due consideration. This means that you can be confident and feel secure in your relationship, as they wouldn’t invest their time and emotions into you unless they were truly sincere in their intentions. Lawyers also love facts and knowing exactly where they stand, and so having a solid, committed relationship is high on their list of priorities when it comes to the dating world.


They will always get you out of trouble!

Last, but by no means least, an endless supply of free legal advice can leave you feeling ready and willing to take on the world. Say goodbye to any grey area, and be prepared to turn it to your advantage. That slightly questionable reason your landlord didn’t return your damage deposit? Problem solved. Unsure who is liable in a minor accident? Not anymore. We’re not saying you can get away with murder, but you can certainly sleep a little easier knowing your own personal counsel will always have your back.

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