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Credly Badges

Credly badges from Law Training Centre

Law Training Centre is proud to award Credly badges to our learners to help highlight their achievements.

These badges are a wonderful way to present your progression and training to current and future employers, with a range of badges to be collected as you complete our online courses. Importantly, all Credly badges awarded can be shared and verified online to maximise recognition across a range of platforms.


What is a Credly badge?

Credly badges are based on the Open Badges Standard and are evidence of successful completion of a course, meaning colleagues and employers can click on a badge  and view all the details of your achievement.

Badges can be shared online on socials, via email or by embedding it in your website. A common place to find Credly badges is on a LinkedIn profile.


What are the benefits of earning a badge?

Law Training Centre is keen to support all learners in their career goals. There has been a growing issue with false qualifications being published online, so having a clear and easily verifiable badge to prove a level of qualification is important both to the learner who has worked towards obtaining the qualification and  for the employer who wants to ensure a person has the skillset to do the job.

Plus, as the badges are sharable, they can be made directly visible in the places where employers are looking.


When do learners receive a badge?

Upon completion of a select course, learners will receive an email from Credly with instructions for claiming the badge.

There is no fee for a learner to receive or share a badge directly to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Learners can download their badge from the Share Badge page on the Credly website. This downloaded badge will contain Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) compliant metadata embedded into the image.



Examples of Credly Badges can be seen below:

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