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Boys & Maughan Solicitors

Boys & Maughan Solicitors

Excellence In Talent Development

We are delighted to present Boys & Maughan Solicitors with the Law Training Centre Award for Excellence In Talent Development, for the ongoing support it has shown to its employees in their educational and career development.

Boys & Maughan Solicitors is a historic, provincial solicitors firm with a head office in Margate. They are a leading local conveyancing practice and provide high quality legal advice and assistance to private individuals and businesses across a wide variety of legal and financial matters ranging from property, wills and administration of estates to children, adoption, divorce and family.


“With Law Training Centre, they’ve got someone on hand to help them. When I did mine 20 years ago, it was a bit different – there was nobody on hand to sit and talk to. There was nobody at the end of the phone. It was a case of submitting your assignments and getting a mark back, and that was it. They did do training days, but that’s something Law Training Centre does much more regularly.

“That qualification just gives you the extra edge. It’s worth us investing the time and money in the staff to make them better at what they do. Ultimately, they provide a much better service to their clients because they have a much wider knowledge base.”

– Richard Durrant, Partner and Head of Conveyancing, Boys & Maughan Solicitors


For more information about Boys & Maughan Solicitors, please visit their website.

If you are interested in a career with Boys & Maughan Solicitors, you can visit their careers page to check for current vacancies.

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