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7 August 2023

What are some of the benefits notary certification can bring to legal professionals?

“Why become a notary if I’m already a qualified lawyer?” 

It’s a question that we’re often asked when speaking about the different legal roles on offer to those already within the legal profession. As arguably one of the lesser-known legal careers, the role of a notary is often disregarded, but it’s just as important and fascinating as the more well-known professions like solicitor or barrister – and it is an especially interesting route for legal professionals that have already qualified in a different area. 

To answer the ever-ongoing question, we spoke to Law Training Centre’s Notarial Qualifications Manager, Steven Murray. 


1. Expand your service offerings

“Qualification as a notary opens any legal professional’s spectrum of influence both internationally and nationally in terms of their flexibility, professional skill sets and client care. 

“Becoming a notary can create a shift in any legal professional’s mindset creating flexibility and a proactive approach to client matters. Much of what those in the legal sector do is responsive to a client’s situation and with qualification as a notary, that stance can become even more agile with the client being advised by someone who is able to forecast realisable next steps across a range of actions required to address probate, property and business matters.  

“With a notary qualification, a legal professional can step outside of their daily disciplines to deliver a 360-degree service to clients who otherwise could be looking to engage several different firms to receive the advice that they need, often at a very challenging time for both them and their family.” 


2. Increase standards and retain clients

“The legal disciplines that a legal professional will have occupied prior to qualification will all serve to complement the comprehensive, practical training that a notary will complete. With an emphasis on the realisable competencies expected when dealing with Probate, Land and Contract issues, a notary will be able to deliver assured, current and professional services to their clients.  

“Such levels of proficiency will develop a member of any team who can futureproof any business and deliver exceptionally high-quality standards of client service to retain those clients into the future. Notaries can be part of a successful, multi-disciplinary team taking any legal professional towards their professional career goals.” 


3. Gain an additional stream of income

“In the current commercial climate, it has never been more important to seek additional income streams and on achieving them, provide them with excellence. Having team members achieve a notarial qualification can be one way in which your firm can see that alternative income stream bloom.  

“The Legal Services Market has been changing and evolving, seeing new consumers requiring the services that notaries can provide with excellence. Notarial practice offers comprehensive customer and client service when dealing with complex matters such as Probate and Property.  

“Legal service providers are being asked to deliver the technical expertise demanded by these new consumers which often results in those consumers having to give instruction to more than one provider. Opening access to a provision of a complete package of legal services places your firm first and foremost with those consumers seeking a one stop solution to their needs.” 


Find out more about our Notarial Academic Training Course and becoming a notary by contacting our Student Services Team at [email protected].

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