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26 October 2020

Studying while working full time

It is great to see that you have taken some time to read this article. By the end of this article, we hope that will feel encouraged and motivated to continue with your plans to both study and work.

It is not an easy decision to make, the idea of combining working and studying at the same time. Only you can make this decision and we hope that this article helps you along the way. Don’t forget that Law Training Centre aims to support all our students to achieve their career goals and manage their other commitments in life.


Studying part-time and working shows prospective employers your determination to succeed.

There is something to be said about an employee that has juggled numerous commitments in their life. The ability to develop your time management skills and have the focus and determination to combine numerous tasks and still succeed in your studies, are invaluable personal traits to a future employer! The real world of work means that you will have to contend with competing deadlines and workloads so never underestimate the value you will bring as a part-time student.

Why do we choose to study part-time? Well, the simple truth is that we must consider both our income needs and our financial obligations. This is not the only reason, for some people there may be an opportunity to acquire certain skills as part of their job role. You must weigh up the value of this work experience in both the short and long term.

You may find that by the time you have completed your studies, your work experience has also progressed at a similar rate and that you are enjoying increased rewards and success. This can change your life prospects. Imagine that you are ready to apply for your dream job just from the rewards that you have earned from both studying and working at the same time. Is combining study and work easy? No, not necessarily, but even if you study full time, things need not be any easier.

One of the advantages of part time study is the ability to pace yourself in line with other areas of your life. You can take a little longer to complete a course or if needed, take a break. Law Training Centre offers a wide range of courses that can fit around your current commitments. The team at Law Training Centre are here to talk you through any career goals you want to achieve. Did you know that Law Training Centre offer a range of payment options on their courses? View the range of courses along with payment options here.


Avoiding stress whilst studying and working.

There is often a misconception that studying full-time is not going to be stressful. The fact is that whether you are a full time or part time student, stress will be something that arises with any new challenge that is worth pursuing. Remember that your decision to study will help you achieve that change you want in your life. Think of it as a short-term sacrifice to achieve a long-term gain!

There are many personal time management and project management techniques which can help; there is mindfulness to practise and ways of relaxing as you study. Rely on family and friends to support you on your journey. When you do start your journey as a part-time student, remember that you need to look after yourself. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle, nutrition and even social life is vital to being successful as a student. Read more about this and balancing life: read the full article here.


What’s best for you?

Carefully consider the pros and cons of working full-time while studying, especially before applying for jobs when you’ve already started undertaking full-time academic work. Some learners flourish under the challenge of combining both – others may not. Be honest to yourself about your levels of energy and commitment.


Tips from LTC

Feeling the pressure of dual commitments? Steve Murray, LTC’s Head of Qualifications, emphasises the need for looking after yourself physically:

“We have reminded ourselves of the need to keep good mental health. We must also remember our physical well-being and, whilst we repeat the need for exercise where possible, we remember the need to hydrate with water and to eat as healthily as we possibly can. ‘No Snacking’ is a challenge and it is very easy to have that additional biscuit or packet of crisps and a soft drink as we work, but if we can keep hydrated with water and stick to regular breaks, I am sure that our bodies will thank us for it.”

You can read the full article here.


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