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3 May 2022

SQE & U Webinar

The SRA has radically overhauled the way in which you can become a solicitor in England and Wales. In November 2021 the first-ever batch of candidates sat one element, the first of two exams which make up the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE).

In this webinar we will discuss how you can currently qualify to become a solicitor in England and Wales and how the new SQE route will replace the more traditional LPC and training contract route.

We will explore the reasons for the changes, according to the SRA, and consider the aims and objectives of this new pathway.

This webinar will be useful for those interested in qualifying as a solicitor, and for HR managers and practice managers wanting to understand more about the SQE.

Shane Robson

Shane Robson

Shane is the Academic Support Officer at Law Training Centre and a university lecturer based in the West Midlands. He has a First class degree in Law and Practice and a Masters degree in International Law.

He teaches students from foundation level to Degree level and also teaches on the CILEx professional law courses.

Working alongside Law Training Centre’s Tutors, Shane supports the team in creating course content for SQA, CILEx and SQE1 and SQE2 preparation courses as well as supporting students in their learning journey.

Shane also teaches several modules as a university lecturer including The English Legal System, Contract, Land, Criminal & Tort as well as litigation modules.

Outside of his teaching commitments he works in amateur theatre both as a director and a performer.

Sian Jones

Sian Jones

After working since the age of 16, I left the working world to study a full-time Law degree as a mature student and single mum accomplishing a 2:1. I worked briefly as a legal advocate with the Children’s Commissioner before starting a family. Raising 4 children halted any prospects of attending an LPC course which was my initial plan, and I therefore worked in various roles within administration, finance and also as a self-employed consultant.

I had given up on continuing my legal studies to become a solicitor as an LPC seemed out of reach, however with the new SQE path to qualifying, I realised that this was an opportunity that I could not miss. I successfully applied for a position in a solicitor’s firm, and this provided me with an ideal opportunity to gain the relevant work experience I needed alongside my studies and it has also allowed me to qualify faster.

After 20 years, thanks to the SQE prep course with Law Training Centre, I am now able to complete what I started and become a qualified solicitor!

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