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27 April 2023

New short courses enable anyone to gain an understanding of law

Whether you work in the legal sector or not, law has a role in every single part of society and business. From contracts, financial transactions, employment, and property, to interactions with others, law underpins everyday life. The law is complex with a variety of different areas, and even those within the legal sector have specialisms in which they practise rather than knowledge of all areas of the law.   

With this in mind, Law Training Centre has introduced a range of short courses for anyone with a personal or professional interest in studying specific areas of law. Online, on demand by design, flexible and low cost, the courses can be taken by anyone seeking to learn something new, whether studying law for the first time, or to complement and build on their existing knowledge.   

The courses are:  

More short courses in different areas of law and practice will also be introduced during the year. Louise McGhee, Head of Academics and Partnerships, explains: “We are developing more short courses that might be useful for newly qualified solicitors, or those in training. The Solicitors Qualifying Exam route to becoming a solicitor assesses specific areas of law and practice without electives. Areas such as family law and employment law are not included. Our short courses will enable those who haven’t studied these areas of law to top up their knowledge, to help them specialise or to decide on an area they might want to go into.”  


Accessible for anyone

Louise commented: “Business owners, employers, HR professionals, as well as those who just have an interest in the area of law can take these courses. They do not need to have studied law before, or even want to continue onto qualification, the courses are designed to help them understand practicalities of the law as it applies. For lawyers, a short course in a new area can supplement and enhance their specialism or help them discover a new direction. Those in a supporting role, who may not require a legal qualification but providing an integral role in any legal practice could take these courses to gain a wider understanding of the area of law in which they work.” 

These courses are also valuable for anyone who wants to study law at A-level, or for a degree, and even people who just have an interest in the law and want to know more.  

Louise says: “They might also help someone who is thinking of doing a formal legal qualification but wants a taster to see if it is the right decision for them.”  

The courses are easy to follow, with bitesize topics and online tutor support. There is no written coursework, and they are assessed by a series of multiple-choice exams throughout the course. On successful completion of the course and assessments a certificate is awarded. 


Each course is £195 plus VAT with three months to complete. With a guided study time of 60 hours the course can be studied full-time or part-time around existing commitments.   


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