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26 September 2022

New Course Transfer Policy

Having taken the time to consult with and listen to our students, Law Training Centre has launched a new Course Transfer Policy. 

While this is a wonderful time to study law due to the many routes available, the wide range of choices can, at times, lead to some confusion, and of course, sometimes we just change our mind! 

Taking that into consideration, if you have started a course with us and you think you would be better suited to one of the other courses we have on offer, there is no need to worry. 

With Law Training Centre’s new Course Transfer Policy, you can transfer between courses at any time in the first 3 months following your enrolment. 

Law Training Centre recognises our learners’ desire for flexibility in the way they work and in the courses they take with us. To help, our new policy gives our learners a greater range of options when studying with us and is ideal for those who feel another course may suit their aspirations better 


How can I transfer? 

All learners wishing to transfer must first discuss their desire with either their tutor and/or the Student Support Team. 

Applications must be submitted on the agreed form and must be supported by a member of the Student Support Team or a course tutor. Then, applicants who meet the transfer requirements will be transferred to their new course. 

For full terms and conditions of our new Course Transfer Policy or if you have any questions, please contact our friendly Student Support Team at [email protected].

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