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20 December 2023

NALP Paralegal Achievement Awards 2023

At the House of Commons, on the 8th of November, the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP) hosted their very first ‘NALP Paralegal Achievement Awards’ in celebration of National Paralegal Day! We were pleased to be able to attend and celebrate alongside NALP, with some of our very own learners receiving awards.


Who are NALP?

“NALP is the only paralegal membership body that is recognised as an awarding organisation by Ofqual – the regulator of qualifications in England.” – NALP

They award qualifications and membership and professional recognition as licensed paralegals.

NALP continuously works to set standards and provide recognised qualifications in the legal industry, boosting employability and career prospects for its members.

Legal professionals and even those new to the industry, who have completed our NALP courses have gone on to pursue their career goals of becoming licensed paralegals and more:

“If you’re thinking about studying NALP with Law Training Centre, do it! You’ll gain a great range of knowledge from experts and it’s a great starting point for whichever sector of law you get into.” – Katie Ball, NALP Level 4 learner at Law Training Centre

Find out more about becoming a licensed paralegal here.


What is National Paralegal Day?

National Paralegal Day is a day to celebrate all the paralegals out there who play a pivotal role in the legal sector, working tirelessly to undertake legal research, prepare legal documents, give out legal information and handle clients in court – just to name a few things that they do!

Paralegals often go unrecognised as they work in the background, but their work is vital within the legal industry. There may be many instances when law firms do pro-bono (free) work or legal aid work that is supported by paralegals, but this is not necessarily a standard or specific feature of being a paralegal.

A paralegal’s work is essential for a law firm to be able to function properly, as lawyers require their assistance and they contribute greatly towards the completion of essential legal work. This includes but is not limited to; preparing legal documentation, conducting legal research, attending court when necessary and giving out legal advice to the public. National Paralegals Day is a day of acknowledgement for all the essential work that often goes unnoticed in the busy day to day practice of law.


Big achievements at Law Training Centre!

We were thrilled to see Sarah O’Neill and Luke Allon, Law Training Centre learners, presented with awards for their outstanding work.

Sarah, who has been a learner with Law Training Centre since March 2022, was presented with the Highest Achievement Award for the NALP Level 3 Award.

Luke was awarded the Highest Achievement Award for the NALP Level 4 Diploma in Paralegal Studies, having received the highest mark for 2022/23 after studying with us.

Diane Clark, Legal Talent Development Manager, and Paige Tilbrook, Student Services Team Leader, were there to support and celebrate the brilliant work of licensed paralegals from across the legal profession, as well as some of Law Training Centre’s own learners!

“It was a great pleasure to attend the National NALP awards and meet some of the NALP team and their members.

We were celebrating two of our learners receiving awards for highest achievements. Congratulations to both Luke Allon and Sarah O’Neil.” – Diane Clark

“We had such a wonderful time at the NALP Event! It was so great to meet the amazing team behind NALP, and to also meet and chat with others within the legal education space. And such a proud achievement for Law Training Centre learners to be receiving two of the five awards available on the evening” – Paige Tilbrook

Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you to NALP for a wonderful evening!

If you are interested in becoming a licensed paralegal, or if you are a paralegal and wish to advance your career by achieving a recognised qualification, our complete range of NALP courses can help you achieve your goals. To learn more, please contact our friendly Student Services Team by phone on 03300888495 or by email via [email protected].

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