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19 October 2023

Celebrating 100 Access To Law SQE Scholarships – learners share their experiences

At Law Training Centre, we’ve always been committed advocates for increasing diversity within the legal sector. Our scholarship initiatives, including the recently launched Open To All Scholarship, are a key part of that. That’s why we try to ensure that our scholarship applications are as simple to fill out as possible, without the invasive questions that our learners may not feel comfortable or even entirely able to answer. We want our scholarships to reflect our commitment to broadening access to the law – which is why we say yes to as many applications as possible. In fact, we’re yet to say no.
So, following the award of our 100th Access To Law SQE Scholarship, we reached out to some past recipients of the scholarship, to ask our learners about how the Access To Law SQE Scholarship had helped them. Encouragingly, when we asked our current and former students whether the Access To Law Scholarship had made the difference between being able to qualify as a lawyer or not, the response was invariably ‘yes’. That meant the scholarship was doing exactly what it was designed to do, and that it was reaching the right recipients.

Jason, who is currently working in the insurance law industry in the Caribbean, said that the scholarship helped him a lot financially, so much so that without the scholarship and the option to study online that Law Training Centre offered, he wouldn’t have been able to study the SQE. The ‘very user friendly’ application process compared with other scholarships that have a longer processing time was another benefit to the Access To Law Scholarship application. Jason is now looking forward to sitting his SQE exams in January.

Emilia, meanwhile, who is aiming to focus on immigration and criminal law, said of the Access To Law Scholarship that the scholarship took away some of the financial pressure she would otherwise have had to face, allowing her to focus on her studies without having to worry quite so much about the cost. Emilia was also keen to stress how important scholarships are for ensuring that everybody has an opportunity to study the law. Although she is no longer studying the SQE, having decided that the CILEX route offered a better pathway to her pursuing her goals of criminal and immigration law, the Access To Law Scholarship allowed her to start her journey.

Jason Hoffman

Jason Hoffman

Vafa Aghaeva

Vafa Aghayeva

As an international student, the Access To Law SQE Scholarship was particularly valuable to Vafa. Although Law Training Centre charges the same fees for international students as UK students, an unfavourable exchange rate would have left Vafa effectively paying twice as much as a UK student, which would have made studying the SQE unaffordable for her. But thanks to the Access To Law scholarship, she was able to pursue her studies and get a step closer to achieving her goal of becoming a lawyer.

Namiqa had practiced law for over 20 years in Pakistan, but having moved to the UK, wanted to qualify as a solicitor so that she could practise in England & Wales. Faced with childcare responsibilities and struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, she couldn’t afford to pay expensive tuition fees. When applying, she found scholarships for postgraduates few and far between, with onerous application processes and insufficient help on offer.  But Law Training Centre’s scholarship covered the majority of her fees, and she was able to pay the remainder in manageable instalments. Thanks to the Access To Law SQE scholarship, Namiqa is now one step closer to achieving her dream of becoming a solicitor in dispute resolution.

Improving diversity in the legal sector is at the heart of Law Training Centre’s mission and we’re proud to have been able to make a difference to 100 aspiring lawyers through our Access To Law Scholarship. Here’s to the next 100!

If you would like to apply for our Access To Law SQE Scholarship or our new Open To All Scholarship, further information on our scholarships can be found here.
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