Careers In Law - Career Options Within The Legal Profession

Career options within the Legal Profession

The term “lawyer” is commonly used as a generic term to describe those who practice in law. Ordinarily when a person thinks of what a lawyer is, they have in mind a Solicitor or Barrister. In reality, however, there are a number of different career options within the legal profession.
The right career choice for an individual to pursue will vary depending on the area of law they seek to practice in and the type of work they wish to do.
The career options within the legal profession which fall under the description of a lawyer are:
  1. Solicitors
  2. Barristers
  3. Paralegals
  4. Chartered Legal Executives
  5. Licensed Conveyancers
  6. Licensed Probate Practitioners
Although other factors may play a part in deciding on the suitable career options for you, as a starting point, it is important to understand what each profession entails.