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2 March 2023

The best legal books to read this World Book Day

Anyone with children, or young enough to have enjoyed World Book Day at school will be forgiven for thinking it’s an opportunity to dress up as your favourite character. But the team at Law Training Centre think it’s an ideal time to share with you some of our favourite legal books, ones we believe should be on every law student’s bookshelf. 


The Rule of Law – Tom Bingham

The Rule of Law was written by Lord Bingham after he retired from the judiciary in 2008. His experience, having taken on legal roles such as Lord Chief Justice and Senior Law Lord, is invaluable for anyone interested in law.  

In this short book, he discusses what ‘The Rule of Law’ really means, not only as a legal doctrine, but also as an important concept of modern society. Bingham breaks down the principles that make up the rule of law and explains why these ideas are so important when governing a fair and just society. 


Eve Was Framed: Women and British Justice – Helena Kennedy

Eve Was Framed is an eye-opening critique of the disadvantages faced by women in the criminal justice system – both as lawyers and as active participants. Helena Kennedy QC gives her take on law and the legal system from her first-hand experiences, uncovering many of the misconceptions held by jurors and the public. 

This is a very interesting book for those wanting to uncover more to law than just statutes and procedures. It is a great opportunity to take a critical view and consider what may still need to be changed in our current legal system. 


Pleadings Without Tears: A Guide to Legal Drafting Under the Civil Procedure Rules – Roger Eastman & William Rose

Looking for something a bit more technical? As suggested by one of our brilliant tutors, Pleadings Without Tears explores a practical approach to legal drafting. If you’re interested in learning about each stage of the drafting process, this insightful book breaks down what is s sometimes a daunting subject. 


Spider Woman: A Life – Lady Hale

Lady Hale is often celebrated for her impressive legal career, having been the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court, then serving as its president from 2017 until her retirement in 2020.  

In her memoir, Spider Woman, Lady Hale writes how she got ahead in a profession dominated by men and reminds us of her landmark rulings in areas such as domestic violence, divorce, and mental health. If you’re interested in hearing real-life stories from arguably one of the most influential modern legal figures, this is the book for you. 


How to Win Every Argument: The Use and Abuse of Logic – Madsen Pirie

In this book, Pirie explains how to use logic in order to win arguments – an important skill for any aspiring lawyer. He also shows you how to spot weaknesses in the arguments of others, and how to be deliberately illogical to win your case. 

If you’re an aspiring lawyer looking to enhance your debate skills, this might be the perfect book for you. 


The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken

We couldn’t write a blog recommending legal books without including this one! The Secret Barrister is written by an anonymous author and offers a critical account of the criminal justice system. 

It follows the career of an anonymous junior barrister through their time in the criminal courts of England and Wales. Throughout the book they share stories from their life demonstrating how they believe the system is broken.  

This thought-provoking piece is ideal for anyone considering a career in the criminal courts, or currently studying criminal law. 


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