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24 May 2023

How can an online education help different learner types?

The idea that we all learn in different ways is not a novel one. Most people are quite familiar with the concept that some people are, for example, visual learners, some auditory and others kinaesthetic. Tests to determine learning styles were once common in schools and they remain readily available online.

However, whilst we have come a long way from every student being forced to write with their right hand, the education sector has arguably failed to do enough to take account of the varied needs of different learners. That is particularly true of those with special educational needs.

Unfortunately, educational institutions, including in the legal sector, tend to use a one-size fits all approach with few alternatives to the traditional approach of lectures and seminars. Some students may thrive in this environment, but many will not.

Want to know your learner type? Find out whether you are a kinaesthetic, auditory or visual learner with this quiz.

An online education, in contrast, can be tailored to the needs of the individual. At Law Training Centre, we adopt a holistic approach to a legal education, with one-to-one tutor support allowing students to learn in the manner that suits them best and a bespoke study planner to deliver guided learning hours for each and every learner.

All our content is developed in-house and delivered in a variety of formats to cater to different learning styles. That includes hundreds of recorded lectures, pdf course notes, flashcards, workshops and practice questions, to make sure that whatever a student’s learning style is, they can make the most of their time at Law Training Centre.

An online approach to education also guarantees every student far more time ‘face-to-face’ with their tutors than would be possible in a traditional, in-person setting. This gives our tutors the chance to really understand what the best way for each of their students to learn is — no one ends up lost in a crowded classroom.

Of course, some learners do best in a social environment but that doesn’t have to stop them from succeeding in an online course. For example, we host regular learner discussion forums moderated by subject specialists, as well as online social events to ensure that all our learners have the chance to get to know their classmates if they want to.

And, because here at Law Training Centre, we offer every qualification from the SQE through to CILEX and the Notarial Academic Training Course, we’re able to offer impartial advice about what route to qualifying is best for you, whether that is a more academic style of course or one that puts practical experience front-and-centre.

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